Tuesday 13 August 2013

Witch Cleansing and Toning Wipes

As a lover of the Witch Blemish Stick, I was very pleased to be offered the chance to review a pack of their cleansing and toning wipes, when the pack arrived the packet itself felt very full and soft, which to me felt like a good sign of a good product.

A lot of wipes I have tried have promised to help clear up your skin, I have often felt let down, but these Witch Wipes (RRP £2.99) did not disappoint they left my skin feeling instantly fresher and not drying at all, this was a major plus point for me, as unlike a lot of its competitors these wipes left your skin feeling clean and moisturised, and also noticeably clearer!

The wipes themselves are soft and worked really well. They promise to cleanse skin, tighten pores and remove all traces of make up and dirt. These definitely tick all the boxes where wipes come into my beauty regime. There are 25 wipes in the pack so the one pack will last a month. (As long as you remember to put the resealable label back over so the wipes retain their moisture), for me personally I found my self using the wipes both at night and in the morning as I just loved the way they made my skin feel!

These are perfect for after them big nights out when you can't be really bothered washing your make up off in the sink and cleansing your face after it because they really do cleanse your face nicely although I don't recommend them as a substitute for your daily cleansing regime but they are really good just before bed time for a little bit of an extra cleanse or if you've woken up late and don't have time for a ritual.

Witch Skincare is available from Boots and Superdrug but can be occasionally found in Asda and Tesco. For a full list of Witch Skincare and what Witch is about then visit their website:

I will definitely be repurchasing these wipes!

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