Wednesday 22 January 2014

Maybeline The Eraser Eye

I have been thinking about getting a new under eye concealer for a while now, I was browsing my local boots 'as you do' when I was drawn in by the oh so irresistible Buy one get one half price offer. I hadn't seen many reviews or mentions about this product but the concept intrigued me, and upon swatching my decision was made, Into my basket it popped.

Now, there has been alot of controversy about this product and the way it is designed although personally I know this is going to be used by me and only me, so the sponge applicator doesn't really bother me,  I actually really like the concept of the idea. I always enjoy trying new things! The sponge I imagine is no worse than your bog standard concealer with a doe foot applicator

The idea is you simply twist the product up to the sponge, and apply. This feels very nice and cooling on the eye, the sponge is very good to help blend in the product. The colour match is great and blends in perfectly, leaving a dewy illuminizing finish, and boy does this product banish your under eye bags. 

Over all this is a brilliant conclear, it lasts all day and doesn't crease and the sponge applicator doesn't mean loosing loads of product like you would expect. At £7.99 it is a lovely little concelar to have in your make-up bag and a very useful one indeed.

Much love Nicola :) xx

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  1. I love this concealer too! The design / sponge doesn't bother me either. I to spray it every now & then with my brush cleaner. The product is so good & works so well to hide my dark under eye circles