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New Haircare Wonder Product, Haircare Tips & Your Questions Answered

I've tried a new product that was sent to me a few weeks ago. It's called Wella Color Recharge in Warm Red (RRP: £11.85). It's a colour refreshing conditioner for "Warm Red" tones. It's a product used by Wella Professionals and is a salon fresh product used on the models in the Missoni Show in Milan SS13. 

I dyed my hair darker last week and this was the product that I needed for my new darker locks. I go away in 5 weeks and I want to try and keep the colour intensity in my hair as much as possible so before I go away it will just be a touch up job on my roots. 

It's a thick, red conditioner and it's recommended to be left in 3-5 mins for it to put it's magic to good use. I did this and it wasn't too heavy on my hair and rinsed out easily. 

After I had rinsed, I towel-dried my hair and then blow dried it. From my years of taking care of my hair I have noticed that a good conditioner cuts down drying time. It blew out lovely and quickly. My hair felt super-soft, really clean and had a great shine to it. 

Pros - 
  • It's light on your hair which makes for shorter blow drying time.
  • This conditioner is specifically for Red heads which leaves colour-depositing pigments where they are needed most. 
Cons - 
  • Only thing is the price, but this is a professional product and have paid more for other products.
This is part of a Color Recharge Range which includes products for Blonde's, Brunette's and Red Heads! Wella Products can be purchased from Salon's over the country. To find your nearest Wella Stockist click here.

Haircare Tips

As you know I love taking care of my hair and keeping it as healthy as possible. Below are some of my top tips to healthy hair.

- For healthy hair a cut is recommended every 8 weeks
- To create some texture in your hair, braiding is a good way to create waves
- For instantly fresher, cleaner feeling hair rinse with cold water
- When blow drying try not to use the hottest heat, it can give you static hair and using a cooler setting will mean easier styling.
- Try not to tie your hair up with bobbles or bands with any metal in, as these can snag the hair and damage it.
- Massage your scalp occasionally as this will bring out the natural oils and protectants for the roots of your hair.
- Dye your hair often? Use colour friendly shampoo and conditioner as these will not only look after the colour of your hair, it also protects your hair more than a normal shampoo and conditioner.
- Keratin Supplements promote healthy, strong hair. Taking them regularly will not only keep your hair in good shape, it also helps with growth.  (Good for Skin and Nails too)

Your Questions Answered! 

I asked a few people on Facebook if they had any haircare questions they wanted to know the answers to. So me using as much of my knowledge as possible answered them. Some of them are our blogging friends so I've included links to their pages. (But finish reading this before you go explore ;))

Rachel Armory - How do I make my hair stronger?
- There’s a couple of easy ways to help the strength in your hair.  Tie your hair up as much as you can just use snag free bands to put it up, this will stop it from dealing so much with the elements and stop you running your fingers through it. Don’t over brush, on average a person loses between 100 – 200 hairs a day, over brushing will bring that number up for yourself in turn thinning your hair out and damaging it. Don’t over use products and finally, drink plenty of water.

Anna Smith  - My hairs starting to break! What products would be best to fix this!?
- Sounds as if you need a good intensive conditioning treatment. Preferably with Argan Oil or Keratin in it. I recommend Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment which is £7.99 in Boots, it really does work and depending on the damage to your hair. If there’s a lot of damage, then 2 times a week until you see a noticeable difference then just once weekly.

Kay Gilligan - I have thick, wavy hair but when its dry its very frizzy. What the best way to achieve cheap beach like waves whilst abroad? (Is that any good?) xx 28 minutes ago via mobile · Like
- If you don't want to spend anything a good braid will give you beachy waves, I usually do 2 braids because my hair's thick, but use a good conditioner and put the braids in while towel dried.  But for a good product to use try Got 2B Beach Matte Salt Spray. If you struggle with frizz then avoid heated appliances as much as possible whilst you are away on your hols. (£2.70 Superdrug) Facebook: Nail Envy Sunniside Durham

Ingrid Baumgart - What's best for lots of volume? Xx 34 minutes ago via mobile · Like
To reduce product build-up I’d use a Volume Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner and dry your hair upside down on a cool setting for extra oompfh. Phil Smith's Be Gorgeous! Big It Up Shampoo and Conditioner is available from Sainsburys for £3.99 each.

Fay Brant - I have incredibly thick hair, which products should I be using to tame it? 
Jennifer Dixon - My hair is rather long and I love the different things I can do with it (when I can be bothered!) however it gets tangled and knotted very easily, I started using a leave in conditioner, which helped with the tangles but it made my hair really greasy, any other solutions?
- To both Fay and Jennifer - I’ve not long invested in a Tangle Teezer and it’s amazing!! I also have lots of thick hair so completely understand. The tangle tamer works through tats and knots a little bit easier than a normal brush.  Just remember to condition your hair a few times a week and use a detangling spray, don’t be afraid to use a kids one, my one has Rapunzel on! They are £9.18 from FeelUnique but cheaper alternatives can be found in Poundstores, Bodycare and Drugstores

Pippa Ainsworth - I'm growing out short hair and it's getting a bit of a bushy mess. I don't really want to get it cut as I need it to grow but would love some tips for keeping it under control, it's very wavy and thick (
- When you wash your hair if you blow it on a cool setting it should calm down the bushyness of it. Don’t be afraid to try new styles whilst growing out your hair –such as quiffs, curls, across head braids. As I’ve mentioned in my tips, try some supplements for hair which will help the growth. Remember though hair grows quicker when you get rid of any damaged ends so if a cut isn’t for you get a trim, even a quarter of an inch will make a massive difference to how well your hair grows and the condition of it.

My sister with short hair after having it wanded.
Rachel Armory - How long should I use a protein treatment for?
- Protein treatments really depend on the condition of the hair, for damaged hair it’s recommended that you use a protein treatment 2-3 times in a month you can keep using the protein treatment until your hair feels in better condition after that it only needs to be a once monthly treat for your hair. Milk_Shake do an Integrity Hair Treatment which is enriched with Protein which what I recommend for anyone looking for a good protein treatment.  (£13.99 Feel Unique)

Joanne Dodd - My teenage daughter’s hair gets greasy after one day of washing, we have tried all-sorts of shampoo for greasy hair over the years and it has not worked. How can I keep her hair nice in between washes? 
- Neutrogena do a shampoo called T/Gel and they do one specifically for greasy hair, it rids the hair of excess oil and it’s the only one I’ve known to work properly. If you’ve tried this, then a good clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a month will reduce grease and the build up of hair products. Make sure that she’s also using her conditioner properly, only conditioning the ends and not going near the root where natural oils are formed. One last tip is don’t over brush, especially not at the root, brushing can act as a stimulation for the scalp releasing natural oils. For those in between days try a dry shampoo which will soak up any excess oil from the roots. I highly recommend Batiste. T/Gel is £6.99 in Boots

Keeley Watts - I'm running low on my Aveda Be Curly cream and could use a cheaper alternative that won't make my curls crispy and can be left to dry naturally, any suggestions?
- There are lots of god alternatives to Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer Cream. There is a make called “Sexy Hair” and they do a foam curl enhancer. It’s currently £10.79 from FeelUnique and from my knowledge of foam products for hair they work a lot better than creams as creams can leave your hair feeling quite heavy, and as it’s a foam not a mousse, it will be light on your hair and it won’t leave your hair feeling sticky or crispy.  

Colette Burgess - My hair is ridiculously long & thick (its in desperate need of a good cut) but tips for styling / looking after very long would be welcome!
- It’s really easy to look after long hair, just shampoo and condition it and when styling use a heat spray along the lengths of the hair so no more damage can occur. I also recommend a good conditioning treatment once a week as a little treat for your hair. In terms of styling, waving /curling is a great way to hide ends that need a good cut. I have a tutorial here.

Tina Bailey  - Following a bad haircut, I'm in the middle of growing my fringe out so I can have a long side fringe put in. It is now at that "clipped up on top of my head to keep it out of my eyes" stage. Any tips for styles to hide the current fringe disaster?!
- First of all, try not to pin it right back (this can sometimes lead to giving yourself an unwanted cows lick, which is never good if you’re wanting a side fringe), if you’re getting a side fringe in then clip it to the side you want the fringe on as it will stay better when it gets cut in. In terms of styles I always go for the cross over braid or a twist, as this can add a little bit extra to your hair as well as training it to sit to the side.

Rachel Armory - How much heat protection spray should I use?
- Dependant on the length and thickness of your hair it should only need a few spritzes, the thing to remember is not to drown your hair. I use Phil Smith’s Be Gorgeous Hot Stuff which is £4.09 also available at Sainsburys

Stephanie Ball - How do you make dyed blonde hair look more vibrant instead of looking washed out? Is there a product to make it brighter instead of continuously dying it ??
- Wella Professionals not only do products for red heads (see above) they also do a whole range of blonde maintenance products for around the £11 mark. If it’s a cheaper alternative you’re looking for, then John Freida’s Colour Renew Range has had some great reviews, and from this I would say it’s well worth a try. John Freida can usually be found in Boots on 3 for 2 or In Asda for 3 for £10.

Kerrie McGiveron - I dyed my hair blonde gradually last year, and then got fed up and dyed it back to brown. It is now a nice colour for me, but very dry and brittle. I know that I need to grow it out but would you recommend a treatment regime to get it back to health?
Now, with dry and brittle hair I would recommend a deep conditioning masque once a week but if you’re short for time then Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructer Deep Conditioning Treatment once or twice a week will really help. After you conditioner your hair rinse it with cold water, this will help with the brittleness and open up the pores on your scalp to release your own natural oils into your hair which help with the condition of it. Aussie Haircare is currently on offer in Boots for 3 for £10

I hope I've helped you with your haircare. If you have any more questions comment below and I will answer back ASAP. Remember to visit the lovely ladies' blogs from the Q&A session today.

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