Wednesday 21 August 2013

NO INHIBITION 12 Wonders - 2 Week Review

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I've been using NO INHIBITION's 12 Wonders (RRP £11.99) for like 2 times a week for the past 2 weeks. I have noticed that only about 1/6th of the bottle has been used, which is good because I've used quite a few sprays whilst using it. The spray is thick, it's more like a cream. One little flaw from this bottle design I think it would work better with a trigger spray as oppose to a normal spray cap as you do have to spray the bottle a few times to cover your whole head.

How to use: Spray on towel-dried hair then comb through or massage into hair using fingers. Style as normal.

The product has 12 Wonders (ie things it can do for your hair). These are listed below and those with an X next to them are the ones I have noticed it has done for my hair. 

1. Repairing action (on all hair types)  X 
2. Anti-frizz X
3. Prevention of split ends X
4. Heat protection X
5. Hair hold
6. Conditioning X
7. Extreme shine X
8. Gives body and volume
9. Facilitates the use of irons X
10. Protects and preserves hair colour X (I have only just coloured my hair though but my previous colour was preserved really well as you can see in the above pictures as the red is still pretty vibrant.)
11. UV protection
12. Smoothing the cuticle for sleek results X
Source: Unleased-Potential Press Release for concept.

I am still hoping that I will see all 12 wonders work on my hair. I will be back in 2 weeks time with another write-up and a how to blowdry long hair as quick as possible using 12 Wonders from NOINHIBITION. 

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