Thursday 12 September 2013

Beauty Room 101

I got tagged by the lovely Taslim from Not My Year Off to do a Room 101 and as this is a beauty blog I will be telling you my pet hates about beauty and why I want to lock them away and throw the key into the ocean. Deep I know! 

So here we go: 

Tide Marks/ Faded Fake Tan Lines
These REALLY irritate me. Where there is a pretty obvious line where your make-up or fake tan finishes and whiteness STOPS!! I just want to go up to girls with a brush and be like "BLEND" or with a scrubbing brush and clean off the fake tan.

People who try clothes on and then put make-up on while wearing the unpurchased clothes they are trying on. 
This really grinds my gears. You know how many mark downs have to be done because of people like this. I hate it when you get like a girl who really wants something and she'll bring it to my till and get's all upset when she see's the marks from a cheap nasty bronzer or foundation on the top. 

Deliberate Tatty Hair!
Girls with bird nests of hair because they've over back-combed it, but it's meant to look like that. NO it looks stupid and so does your massive hair! 

Mirror Bogarters
The people when you come out the loo in a place and you want to wash your hands but they are like taking up 3 sinks with their make-up retouching. 

And Finally.... 

Spotty Cover-Ups
When girls feel the need to over-do the make up when they have a spot and they just cake it on. I sometimes feel like shouting "JUST LET IT BREATHE, YOU ARE SUFFOCATING IT THAT WAY AND IT WILL NEVER GO!" 

So there you have it, my Room 101. 

I Tag:

Rachel Shawcross - Beauty Queen UK
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Jane Lambert - Squibb Vicious
And You!! 


  1. Brilliant! I have no idea how some girls actually manage to apply the makeup and not realise they have a totally different coloured neck. Loving your room 101.
    Thank you for the Tag.

    Rachel x

  2. Great post! see many girls with not the right foundation and different neck colour.


  3. lol love your pet hates, especially the one about the spots, all it does is make the spot ten times more noticable!

    Tin / UK Bloggers

  4. The second one DRIVES ME INSANE! It's usually the last 12 on the rack too, typical!

  5. Great post, "BLEND" hahaa! Women who Bogart the mirrors/sinks/hand dryers when glamming themselves up drive me mad!