Monday 1 July 2013

W7 Magic Beads - Black Rain

Now I'm not really one for having all these fancy designs on my nails I tend to just keep them one solid plain colour whether I am painting my own or getting acrylics but I thought why not give something different a go for a change.

I was given the opportunity to try out this Magic Beads set by W7, The set I was sent is called 'Black Rain'. 

 On the back of the box is the instructions which basically tells you everything of what you need to do and about how to use the beads. One thing I have to say though is the second instruction says to pour the beads over your nails, I tried this and none of them stuck to my nail, I found a better technique which I will mention further down in this post that works a lot better. 

The set includes a black nail varnish, black beads, a funnel and a tray. The nail varnish reminds me of OPI varnishes, the bottle is very similar and the formulae is too.

First I painted my nails with the black nail varnish, I applied two coats as the instructions said because one wasn't really enough. (Sorry about the messiness, I didn't think they would need to be neat as the beads where being put over the varnish afterwards anyway).

I then waited a couple of minutes until the nail varnish had dried a little but still felt wet so that the beads could stick to it. I first applied the beads like the instructions said, by pouring them over the nail whilst my nails were over the tray but that didn't really do anything and none of the beads stuck to my nails so I put some more beads into the tray along with the ones that were already in there then I tipped the tray so that all the beads were together at the side and I gently put my nails one by one into the beads and done a kind of rolling motion to ensure that every part of the nail got covered with the beads, this seemed to work pretty well and all the beads did stick to my nails.

Here is the final result. 
The good thing about this set is that you don't have to be perfect at doing your nails and its so quick, easy and simple to do that really anyone could do it. Like every other nail design like this I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use as the beads do drop off after a while and if you are someone who washes their hands constantly and uses their hands a lot I don't think they would last long on the nails. This would be perfect for special occasions or party's and nights out but it isn't really practical for everyday but then again it does depend on what you do or where you work etc..

I would recommend this Magic Bead's set because it is really good and for £3.99 it is a pretty good bargain. I know that a few high end brands have similar nail sets to these but I haven't tried those so can't really compare.

The W7 Magic Beads set is available to buy from the Xtras website - link
There are two other colours available, Rainbow Drops and Silver Streak which look really nice too. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you do ever try out this product then do let me know :)

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* I was sent this product for review

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