Wednesday 31 July 2013

Products, Products Everywhere.

These days there are a ridiculous amount of hair products out there. In this post, I will be talking about different hair types and AMAZING tried and tested products to use when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amounts of products out there. Over the time since this blog has started I have tried some EPIC hair heroes, so some of them will be making a reappearance too!!

As some of you know I have had my hair many colours, shapes and styles.

Because of my abnormal obsession with changing my hair, I had to learn to understand the basics of hair products. 

Naturally my hair is very wild, long and thick, earning me the name "Tatty'ed" off my mum! 

The cut, colour, texture and thickness of your hair are all factors you need to consider when choosing the right products for you. To do this I will not only be talking about what I use and have used in the past with previous cut and colours but will also be revealing some of my family and friends hair product wins. 

My Mum has jaw length, thick, curly hair, My eldest sister has short, thick, blonde hightlighted hair, My middle sister has mid-length, mid-thickness, highlighted hair these are the 3 main people who's products I have complete access to but will mention a few other people a long the way. 

The main problem I've found with having such thick hair is keeping it well conditioned and frizz free. My Mum also has this issue with her hair. Lately I've been using a number of different products (due to the blog being so in demand - SO COOL) and found 3 products I absolutely adore. 

Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Intensive Conditioning Treatment - £3.99 Sainsbury's

This was one of my Summer Hair and Beauty Heroes but it's going to stay in my haircare regime for time to come. This product is great for thick hair and it does make my hair look smooth and full of shine. It's enriched with Shea Butter so smells great and leaves your hair feeling nourished. This is a 15 minute treatment which I like to do when I'm washing in the bath, I'll wash my hair, put this through my hair, enjoy a lovely bubbly bath, then rinse. Lovely, definitely a once a week hair treat!

milk_shake Leave In Conditioning Whipped Cream - £14.79 RRP milk_shake haircare

This is my GO2 Wonder Product, it's great for not only thick, frizzy hair but has a colour seal which gets two thumbs up in my books with all the colours I put on my hair. I have 2 statements that will make you want to rush to your bank cards and order yourself some. 
  1. It Smells Like Green Cream Soda! (Childhood memories flooding back!)
  2. It cuts down blow drying time down by at least a half (FACT! It usually takes me about 30 mins to dry my hair but with this, it takes under 15 mins 90% of the time with amazing results)
This product couldn't be simpler to use. Shake and squirt out the whipped cream formulation into your hands, Rub hands together, Apply to towel dried (washed but not conditioned and brushed) hair, run through the ends until all dissolved into hair and blow dry! So simple and it gives you the shiniest locks in under 15 mins! - You can see a full review here

Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment - £7.99

It has that hype product in "Argan Oil" and it smells like Oranges and really, really summery and lovely. It does make my hair feel stronger and it really repairs your hair if you use a lot of heated appliances on it, which if you have thick and/or frizzy hair like mine I am sure you do, regularly!

In my house all us girls have dyed or highlighted hair so it's important for us to use products which will elongate the life of our colour. Being a red head at the moment myself I have come to terms with hair colour friendly products. I like to keep my red vibrant, and for the sake of this post I will talk about my eldest sister who's blonde and keeps her hair looking blonder for longer!

I've always been an at home colourer. I've been so many colours and spent copious amounts of time and money on finding the right colour. I've stuck with red, not only because it goes with my fiery personality but it's also the least high maintenance. Naturally I am ashy/mousey blondey brown which I found showed through really quick with dark brown and blonde and I'd be dying my hair every 4 weeks or so (sometimes less, I'm surprised I'm not bald) but now I'm only having to colour my hair every 8 weeks or so. 

I use Live Color XXL Colour Intense Real Red 35 which is a dark Red. It's usually on offer for £4 in Asda or Tesco but B&M is there for when it's not at £4.29. My sister's get their hair done professionally at a salon where it costs a lot more which means it needs to be well cared for, for the price you pay. 

Our top Hair Colour Products are:

The John Freida Colour Range - Varying prices (Sometimes 3 for 2 in Boots or 3 for £10 in Asda or Tesco)

Me, my sister and my mum all use this range. The quality of the products are second to none. The different ranges for different hair colours are amazing and the BEST Red Colour Protect products I've ever used. My Sister uses the Sheer Blonde and my Mum uses Brilliant Brunette, whereas I use Radiant Red. 
Products Range from: Shampoo, Condition, Hairspray, Serum, Intensive Conditioners etc

Fructis Colour Last Shampoo and Conditioner - 99p (B&M, Home Bargains, Bodycare)

I love this because it's a cheap way to keep my colour vibrant. Not only is it cheap, it's also really good quality stuff considering the price and this is a staple in my colour protect hair regime.

My sister is always going out and always loves her hair to be done. She loves it waved (as do I, see Curling/Waving Wand Tutorial) and loves it with a little bit of volumousity (yea, I just made that word up. But you get what I mean) Products and Tools are important when styling. 

Heat Defense Spray is always important, I use Phil Smith Hot Stuff - £4.09

To add some texture the Phil Smith "Big Hair" Range has some amazing products including "Big It Up" Mousse - £2.99 and Volume Boosting Spray - £4.09, which are my personal favourites out of the range. (Phil Smith is currently on offer in Sainsbury's until 20/08/13)

My Babyliss styling tools are my babies, I have the Ombre Hairdryer - £29.99, Elegance Straighteners - £39.99 (Perfect for "GHD Curls" (better than GHD's), and their Waving Wand - £24.99. All Bought in Boot's 

My main tips when using heat on your hair is don't always use the hottest heat on your hair. Use a heat that the thickness of your hair can handle. The thinner the hair the lower the heat, the thicker the hair the higher the heat.

Remember all hair needs caring for, be nice to your hair and it will pay back. A trip to the hairdressers every few months for a trim will do it the world of good. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you have any tips or questions remember to comment below. 

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