Monday, 29 July 2013

Jewels for the Sun

As it's getting into the midst of a great summer and with holidays and festivals calling out I thought I'd take a break from beauty and talk about my recent Jewellery purchases and some of my summer favourites.

As some of you know I am off to Vegas in September, but as the weeks go on all the cute colourful jewels will start to go too. So here are a few of my recent purchases to make a statement whilst I'm strutting down the Strip (with my new hip, ahh that rhymes haha). 

These 2 necklaces are from a Facebook store called BobbysGirl Bowtique, specialising is statement pieces. All of her jewellery is statement but not OTT.

The first one was the last one in the sale for a BARGAINOUS £5 and the Pretty Floral Necklace was only £10 well worth it for the amount of detailing. These will definitely stop some people in their tracks this Summer!

Obviously I couldn't wait to wear mine!

Now this necklace I got in the George Sale and I have an obsession with all things Tropical, I love Pineapples, Flamingos, Pina Coladas! So for £1.25, I had to have this baby! It's a long pendant necklace and will be worn as a day piece!

There are loads of cute things in the Sale at George, grab a bargain while you can!! 

Lately I've been embracing the fact I am wearing my hair up and I've finally managed to accomplish the "Hair Doughnut Conundrum" So I thought, "Why don't I buy myself some cute statement earrings for when I have my hair up"...So I did and for a great price too! 

These are both from F&F at Tesco, they were both about £1.25 which is a steal. I love the vintagey gold look of the little Owls and Owl's are so IN right now! And I love Filigree earrings. I bought a pair for my 21st Birthday Party and I loved them soo much and I lost them, so bought these to replace my old ones. 

These beauts are from the Claires Outlet in Cheshire Oaks which has now become one of my favourite stores to visit when outlet shopping. These were £7 reduced to £3.50 which is amazing because I would have bought these for full price. These will also go perfect with my BobbysGirl Floral Necklace. 

Now I think I have said this before but I am obsessed with Thomas Sabo (One of my many obsessions, but certainly one of my favourites) I have got some cute summery charms and some cute little beaded bracelets that I can't wait to take away with me and take to the Vegas Thomas Sabo store to get more.

My newest addition to my charm collection is my Toadstool (again, I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so that's why I got this one) 

Thomas Sabo are so cute and collectable. They are easily interchangeable and can be classy, cute or personal! My fave charms are my Cocktail, Sunglasses, "I Love You", Minnie, Palm Tree and Of Course my Welcome to Las Vegas charm. 

Well I hope you've enjoyed this different post from me. What are your favourite pieces to wear in Summer?? I'd love to know. 

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  1. Hi!may i know the minnie charm nose is tat originally come with the silver part on it black nose
    Not the etire nose part is black i meant