Tuesday 9 July 2013

Summer Hair and Beauty Heroes

Hi, Kate here! I am literally sat here with all my favourite products surrounding me so I am going to have a little rummage and find my top products for the Summer. 

First up, moisturiser. Who doesn't love the feel of soft skin in the Summer and with good moistrisation your skin won't dry up. I have a pot of Steamcream which I love, I use it twice daily. Steamcream is actually also one of Becky's hero products and you can see a full review and write up of this product here. I love this product because it's light, smells great and is multi-use. I've used it with a little foundation before to create a tinted moisturiser. You can see I obviously have used this a lot and it can be bought for £12.95 at Feel Unique and Amazon and you can get the tins in loads of different designs, mine's a Jam Jar but you can get loads of different designs to suit your fancy. I've got to say too that Steamcream is also very good for sunburn, it stops your skin blistering and then flaking.

Next up - Lips. 
I don't really care for my lips as much as I should. I've tried scrubs and stuff but there are 2 products which I rely on lots and one of them is always in my bag whilst I'm out and about because the hot weather really dries my lips out. These products are ChapStick and Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter. The ChapStick has SPF 10 so it's the best to wear out in the sun and come in loads of flavours, the one in my bag at the mo' is Strawberry but I really love the Apple and Cherry ones you can pick these up from a lot of places - ASDA, Boots, Superdrug, B&M, Home Bargains, Savers and they are usually only £1 and last a good while for the price. The lip butter just really softens your lips and it has a lovely taste, it's quite long lasting. It lasts for a good few hours between applications (if you don't lick it off). It's from Nivea and is £2.25 in Superdrug but believe me when I say this is an amazing product well worth it!

Primers! I am a sucker for a good primer and I truly believe that in the Summer a good primer can be your best friend. I get what I call "Melty Face Syndrome" when if I don't wear a primer and I get too hot my make-up just completely starts to melt. Recently I got sent this W7 Camera Ready primer which is great if you have dull skin at times, I wear glasses so I get really dull patches under my eyes and this is magic, it reduces all the dullness and it keeps my make-up there for a good while. I used it for a shift in work when I had horrendous skin problems and believe me when I say in heat like we've had, Primark is sweltering, my make-up stuck there all day and didn't budge in the slightest. It's £3.99 from Xtras which is a ma-hay-jor bargain. 3 more of my favourites are also Benefit's Porfessional (Due to my big pores on my nose *sadface*) Stay Don't Stray and Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. 

For me in the Summer I prefer to use more powder based products, I always feel really self conscious when I wear liquid based face products when it's hot so I always use a powder so I don't feel that way. I have Rimmel Match Perfection in Soft Beige which is a "Super Creamy Compact Powder" it comes with a sponge but I much prefer to use my foundation brush as I feel it gives me better coverage than the sponge. It has SMART-TONE technology which means it matches to my skin colour, which it does. I like this powder because it wasn't dear it was £5.99 from Boots and I used my points so it was free really. For bronzer I really love Soap & Glory Solar Powder, it's got great coverage and blends really well so doesn't look muddy. Next up is my new lovely W7 Brightening Face Powder which is also £3.99 from Xtras, it contours really well and is overall a great face powder. W7 is really underrated and I urge all the readers just to give it a little try. 

Eyebrows are big and bold in Liverpool (where I'm from), who am I to break the trend. My sister introduced me to the Eyebrow Kohl and now I'm hooked. I have a few little scars in my eyebrows which don't get hair growth so from filling in my eyebrows I get a more confident feel to my face. I particularly love this one from Soap and Glory, it's called Archery and is a brow tint and pencil in the colour Brownie Points. It's really good it's not too dark so I don't get "Scouse Brow". It was £10 from Boots. I use the pencil to shape and the tint to "Colour it in" as it would be. 

Ladies as I feel like the Haircare girl of the group I have a few products which I feel are Summer Essentials and every girl should have these at hand to care for their hair over the warm months. As we are on the subject of heat, I must say and URGE, that heat spray is a must. It protects your hair but also stops humidity getting to your hair and stop it poofing up. My favourites are Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened protect, flatten and shine spray. I got it from Boot's I think it's about £5.50 , it's really good. Another little gem which I recently discovered when I was sent Phil Smith Heat Defense Spray "Hot Stuff" it's really good, not as fragrant as the Trevor Sorbie which is good because in the Summer I get hayfever and it means no sneezies. This one is from the Phil Smith Styling Range and it's £4.09 for a 125ml bottle.

I know that washing your hair every day isn't good for your hair and two products I use for "Day 2 hair" are Umberto Giannini Instant Beauty Makeover Spray which is an amazing quick fix spray which revitalises morning after hair. Which is great for them Summer BBQ's on a Friday and Girly days out the Saturday. I got this from Boots which isn't on the website but I'm pretty sure it was around £5. The next one I was also sent with the Phil Smith Styling Range, it's called "Dry Clean" and is a dry shampoo which is definitely on par with Batiste Dry Shampoo, at £2.99 it's a little pricier but it's really good and made my hair feel really clean. 

Intensive Conditioners are a must in the Summer, especially if you dye your hair or use a lot of heat on it. I've used this Phil Smith Hello Moisture Intensive Conditioning Treatment enriched with Shea Butter and it's transformed my hair and has gave me lovely conditioned hair. It's the perfect pick-me-up for hair and will be in my suitcase for my holiday. For 150ml  it's £3.99 which in my opinion is a complete bargain!! 

Like all girls I love a good Summer Fragrance. My fragrances of choice this Summer are Katy Perry's Meow and Clinique's Happy Heart. Both lovely fragrances available at Boots. 

Finally my top Summer Essential is.... SUNNIES. I know not Hair or Beauty but ahh well I have so many pairs all of which I love. I have about 9 pairs in Total but 7 pairs to hand in the house. They are great for so many reasons, different colours, styles and patterns. They cover your eyes when the sun is in them and someone wants to take a picture so you don't look squinty, it hides the hangovers from Friday night's mammoth BBQ where you drank a whole bottle of Vodka when you go out with the girls for a hair of the dog on the Saturday. And most importantly, they protect your eyes from sun damage!! I have pairs which range from 25p BARGAIN BEAUTS from George at Asda to £1 Primarni Numbers to £5.99 New Lookers and finally pricier Ray Bans which I love! 

Happy Summer Everyone! 

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