Saturday 27 July 2013

The Glamour tan for every season - Tantastic review

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Up until I started writing this post (great timing UK weather!), the weather has been nothing but flawless, the same however can not be said for my tan... 
I have most definitely caught the sun and from a distance I'm sure my tan looks beautiful and even but up close I can see that I've tanned slightly awkwardly in certain areas. I've never been one for fake tan purely because of the way it looks as they 'fade' or 'fall off in random places' as I see it, but I think I may have found a new love for the tan in a can!

Tantastic instant spraytan - £18 

• Tans up to 5 full bodies, lasting up to 7 days
• Contains non toxic, rich moisturising ingredients, such as Glycerine for long lasting perfect fade self tan
• No wastage – can empties 100% with no clogging, ensuring an even application
• Non aerosol, environmentally friendly, bag-in-can technology
• Paraben and alcohol free
• Contains Ecocert approved natural DHA (6%)

Other than disagreeing with the website's claim that the tan is odourless, not that I mind the fake tan smell, I am totally in awe of this tan.
I sprayed the tan directly onto my skin and then buffed in with a tanning mitt. The tan is fairly watery in texture but still easy to control and work with and despite feeling wet to begin with it dried within 30 seconds. Initially I didn't see much of a difference in colour, putting it down to the fact I'm already 
fairly tanned at the moment however After applying the tan in the evening and allowing it to develop for a good 10 hours whilst in bed, I woke up with a noticeably darker, golden/bronze, glowing tan.

7 days on and after doing nothing other than moisturise, the tan is still going strong and unlike with all other tans I've used, the tan seems to be fading rather than going patchy. There are no tell tale signs around my fingers, hands or wrists and I can honestly say this tan is amazing in every way! I can't sing its praises enough!
The tantastic range has something to suit everyone and there is more than enough product in each bottle to get far more than your money's worth. I will definitely be purchasing this myself when I run out.

Before (Left)                                   After (Right)

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