Tuesday 2 July 2013

Major Decay Crush

Now the title of this post might make you go "...SAY WHAAA?", but it's actually about beauty brand Urban Decay. I have had a fascination and love for this brand since I was 19 when I saw my sister get the first edition Book Of Shadows. This is what got me started into buying this brand, it was so vibrant and it was cruelty free make-up. I had to have it!

Urban Decay is an edgy brand which pride themselves on their bold colours and packaging. As you can see the tag ling on their logo is "beauty with an edge". The main brand/packaging colour for Urban Decay is Purple, which interestingly enough is my favourite colour!  

Now I know a lot of people rave on about the Naked palettes, but I am all about the colour baby and in this post I will be talking about my 3 Books of Shadows.

In 2010 with the release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, funnily enough another one of my faves, UD brought out the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows which consisted of 16 shades of their high pigment, long lasting eyeshadows, aptly named for the film (names include: Alice, Midnight Tea Party, Curiouser and Mad Hatter) 2 Mini 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in Zero (Black) and Flipside (Teal) also a small travel sized pot of Eye Shadow Primer Potion, a serious must have in every girls make-up bag!  

From the above pictures, hopefully you can see why I love this brand. The swatches on my hand are: Underland -  Light Royal Purple, Alice - Metallic Blue, Oraculum - Goldy/Bronze, Queen - Orchid Purple Pink
The pigmentation from Urban Decay shadows are beautiful and they have amazing staying power. The pop-up feature of this set is, for lack of a better word, AWESOME. This is a recurring theme in the Book of Shadows.

The Alice Book of Shadows was a limited edition but you can still buy the shadows themselves from Urban Decay from Debenhams and House of Fraiser for £14 each but honestly they are worth every penny, a little goes a long way! 

Next Up NYC Book of Shadows, I love this one because of the mirror and the pop up, it lights up like the New York skyline. This palette also came with 16 shades of eyeshadows, 2 24/7 Mini Glide on Pencils in Zero and Ransom (Purple) and a mini eyeshadow Primer Potion. 

Colours swatched: Radium - Cobalt Blue, Maui Wowie - Gold, Rockstar- Dark Purple, Kush - Metallic Green

You can still find palette on eBay but like all the other Books of Shadows this has been since discontinued but as stated before you can purchase all colours (or really similar) as seperate pots.

My final book of shadows is for me really the ultimate. It cost a little bit more than the others but the extras in it were much more immense than the previous Books of Shadows. This was just named IV it being the 4th Book of Shadows to be released. 

In this set extras include - 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion (Black) this is full sized and has really good staying power, Super Curling Mascara, Eyeshadow Primer Potion, "Get The Look" step-by-step make-up tutorial using QR Codes and A MINI SPEAKER with a little sleeve so you can listen to your music while getting ready. 

Colours swatched: Gravity - Purple, Sin - Bronze, Crystal - Silver Blue, Blue Bus - Purpley Blue

Again these colours (Or Similar) can be found as separates in Debenhams

Now onto the extras: 

24/7 Mini Glide On Pencils - These are more like crayons, they have great colour and like the shadows - Amazing Staying Power! 

24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - These eyeliners are amazing if liquid eyeliner is your thing. They are completely waterproof and again amazing staying power.

These are available at Debenhams for £14 each. Well worth it for a premium brand like this.

Super Curling Mascara gives fantastic curl and definition to your lashes with no clumps (MAJOR PLUS!) It's available at Debenhams for £15

Last but by no means least - Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion (£15 full size £8 travel size) a major staple in my make-up application. Makes my eye make-up go on a dream and last all night long. 

Urban Decay Stockists can be found: Here (Debenhams) and Here (House Of Fraser)

What is your go-to beauty brand? Do you <3 UD and their amazing palettes. Let me know more in the comments below.

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