Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bright and Beautiful!

Hey Sweeties!
Hands up! Who's skin looks a bit deflated and unloved?
Yep, mine too!

My skin is very hit and miss. Very, very rarely i'll have a 'good face day'... this means my skin looks 'acceptable' to be seen in public. However the majority of the time Id call myself very brave (or very stupid) for stepping out the house without makeup on. Not only do I suffer with blemishes, big pores and the odd case of slippy face, my skin is also dull and what I like to describe as beaten.

The recent FABULOUS weather we've been having here in the UK has been the perfect opportunity  for me to try and 'bare all' and skip the foundation, maybe because it's been so hot at work that my face just falls off anyway and there's no point in putting it on to begin with, but no matter the reason, I am very proud of myself!

I was lucky enough to receive the Thea Organic enriched skincare - Face renew - natural skin brightening range. What a name, I know!

I have been using it for almost a week and a half now and after battling with a few pesky spots in the first couple of days (my skin does not like new things) I can now happily announce that my skin is looking much, much calmer, clear, smooth, even and of course the main aim here, much brighter! :)

In my little box of goodiesI got :
Fruit enzyme - creme cleanser
rejuvenating toner
creme exfoliator 
pineapple & papaya gel face mask
creme moisturiser

It claims that you can see immediate results and although I'm the most skeptical person of all time I have to say, you really can!
All the products smell absolutely amazing and are perfect for use in the morning due to them smelling so, well, fruity. Everything is lovely and refreshing to use and leaves my skin looking and feeling bright and awake straight away. I notice the biggest difference when I first wake up, normally my skin would be oily, dull and grim if i'm being honest, but after using these products my skin looks glowy and quite simply, nice. There's no specific way to use the products as far as I can tell from the little booklet that it all came with so i've been using things how and when I please and it seems as though everything works perfectly with everything else in any order.

In the morning I use the cleanser, toner then moisturiser.
In the evening I use my regular face wash then use the fruit enzyme exfoliator followed by the gel face mask.
Hand on heart, this is some of the most wonderful skin care I have ever used. I have battled with my skin for so long and clearly all it needed was some TLC. I now don't mind leaving the house and even going to work without my foundation because my skin looks so even and bright and smooth without it.
I feel like I've rambled a lot in this post but instead of trying to be all technical with the ins and outs of the products I simply wanted to tell you all how amazing they are and exactly what they've done for me. 

Being slightly more professional with this review, not only are the products used in the every day woman's skin care routine, the products are also used in professional salons and by mobile beauticians all over!

This starter kit is £27.95 from
They have a range of other skin care kits and I would highly recommend them! I will definitely be purchasing some of the other products :)

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