Wednesday 10 July 2013

I've been 'Kiss'-ed - Review of Kiss gel polish and everlasting toenails

I've always been a fan of the brand Kiss. Up until now it has been for their lashes with the little strings to help  aid application, and for their Everlasting Toenails, my absolute summer must have. I feel very lucky therefore to have  been sent an incredible kit to test every aspect of the Everlasting Gel Polish and to tell you how amazing it is! Kiss' Everlasting Gel Polish claims it will last up to 14 days chip free, and as a girl who's polish often doesn't last hours let alone days, I'm ready to really test this claim!

Everything I need for gorgeous nails!

I've always loved painting my nails, but as an architecture student at university, the continuous model making and drawing meant no sooner had my nails dried, they were chipped; I'm very heavy on nail polish (sad face)! When I've known I was going to have a week or two free from model making, I used to always book myself into the salon for a French manicure or shellac and some nail art. I've always wondered if it was possible to get a salon manicure at home, and after giving this kit a whirl, I can firmly say you can, and at a fraction of the price!

A gel manicure at the salon can cost anywhere from £20 upwards per visit depending on where you live, so to be able to buy Kiss Gel Polish Starter system for £26.96 from Asda is in my opinion, a real bargain! Once you have a starter system and a UV lamp to cure the nails, you can treat yourself to a whole host of colours from the NEW Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish range for just £13.96!

The way a gel manicure works is to sandwich the colour between a base coat and a top coat, curing each layer under a UV lamp in between coats. Some of you may worry about UV exposure, however if I were to use the Kiss Professional UV Lamp and redo my gel manicure daily (who would be crazy enough to do that?!) for 250 years (who lives that long?!), I would have been exposed to less UV than one treatment prescribed for certain skin conditions. Personally, I feel there is nothing to worry about, your nails are only under the lamps for 2 minutes throughout the process! You then finish by wiping the nails with the gel cleanser, which leaves your nails super shiny and looking like you've just stepped out of the salon!

Once you have the starter kit (left) and UV lamp (below right) you can add to your collection
with the new Color Gel colour range (above right) !

Now for the colours and the results! I was lucky enough to be sent the Gel Polish Starter Kit which came in a gorgeous pink with a blue iridescent undertone, and also the NEW Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish in Juicy. Ooooh aren't these colours gorgeous for summer! Juicy is the perfect pinky coral colour and will look so good with a tan when I'm on holiday, and the pink is just divine for evenings and parties, or if you're not brave enough to rock a coral! Look at the gorgeous colours I was sent...

'Juicy' above with the pink from the starter kit below...look how shiny my nails are!
(insert oooohs and aaaaahs)
My tip would be make sure you remember to run the brush of each gel layer across the free edge of the nail at each stage. This will make sure you're manicure is completely protected and will be less likely to chip and last for the 14 days!

Obviously I have only had the gels on for a couple of days, but I will be leaving them for the next 14 days to test how long it really lasts. So far I am in LOVE with the whole idea of being able to do my own gels at home. I love putting the time aside for me, and the results are just so impressive. I've been to a couple of garden parties since doing my nails and everyone has asked where I got them done! At this stage, Kiss gel nails get 100% thumbs up; it is so easy to do, and with the new range of colours now available, you can't go wrong! In my update post the beady eyed amongst you will have also seen I was sent the All or One Artificial Nail Remover - I will be telling you all how brilliant and easy it is to remove my gels with this next time! You can pick up the whole range of Kiss gel products from Asda or Tesco.

The reason for me not doing my own toes is that I have awful feet, with very small toes, so small that I actually don't have nails on some!! Summer has always been a nightmare for me. Last year I found my summer saviour - Kiss Everlasting Toenails. These are exactly like false nails for your toes, you just glue them on and go. I can finally wear pretty sandals again! These I have been buying myself ever since...look at how pretty my feet look! You can find these in Boots for £8.99.

Have any of you beautiful people tried Kiss nail products before, gels or otherwise? Have I convinced you to make the investment, or do you have any further questions? I LOVE these products, and think they are a bargain when you compare them to the cost of a salon visit.

Becky Xx


  1. I really love the look of those - it looks simple to do and some really great colours!

    1. Thanks Sian!! They are SO easy and literally are lasting like a dream :) Xx