Tuesday 16 July 2013

Our Natural Beautiful Selves!

I want all my readers to embrace their "Natural Beautiful Selves". I know people who look in the mirror and don't see what the rest of us see and create major myths about how they think they look!! This is what I call a "Self Hang-Up" which makes you feel disgusted with yourself when really you're gorgeous.

I hardly ever wear make-up, (bit rich coming from someone who writes for a beauty blog, I know). When I was in school my biggest hang-up was probably my spots. I then realised that everyone, no matter what, gets spots sometime of their life. Now I go au natural pretty much every day because it's my face and I know the people who matter love my face and I think from not really caring my skin is so much clearer for it.

Some people have major body hang-ups. I get upset when I hear people who are pretty much one of the most beautiful people I know say they hate a part of their body. I really want to stress this, you should embrace who you are, no matter what size, shape or height you are. I'm 5ft 7 oddly shaped, with "shapely thighs", some major junk in my trunk but I love it, it's who I am.

I will admit that recently I had a bit of a body hang up when I decided to be rash and buy a bodycon midi dress because I loved how they looked on other people. I put it on and felt that it didn't suit my shape but this was me seeing myself with a hang-up, so I asked for opinions from the people who I know would be honest and see the best in what I was wearing. 

This was the dress and I got so many nice compliments and I feel great wearing it because of that.

You need to know that even your idols have hang-ups they don't like about themselves but you still idolise them any way. Next time you look in the mirror don't see the hang-up see an opportunity to embrace your natural beautiful self and wear what you want and only care about the opinions of the people that mean the most to you. 

The people who I will take full opinions of are: My mum (BRUTALLY HONEST), My 2 sisters and some of my closest friends.

Let us know what you love about yourself! Have you had any body hang-up demons you've fought in the past? Do you have any you'd like to get rid of now? Let us know! 

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  1. I love this post Kate and I especially love that it has come from you :)

    That midi looks great on you!! xx