Wednesday 31 July 2013

Products, Products Everywhere.

These days there are a ridiculous amount of hair products out there. In this post, I will be talking about different hair types and AMAZING tried and tested products to use when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amounts of products out there. Over the time since this blog has started I have tried some EPIC hair heroes, so some of them will be making a reappearance too!!

As some of you know I have had my hair many colours, shapes and styles.

Because of my abnormal obsession with changing my hair, I had to learn to understand the basics of hair products. 

Naturally my hair is very wild, long and thick, earning me the name "Tatty'ed" off my mum! 

The cut, colour, texture and thickness of your hair are all factors you need to consider when choosing the right products for you. To do this I will not only be talking about what I use and have used in the past with previous cut and colours but will also be revealing some of my family and friends hair product wins. 

My Mum has jaw length, thick, curly hair, My eldest sister has short, thick, blonde hightlighted hair, My middle sister has mid-length, mid-thickness, highlighted hair these are the 3 main people who's products I have complete access to but will mention a few other people a long the way. 

The main problem I've found with having such thick hair is keeping it well conditioned and frizz free. My Mum also has this issue with her hair. Lately I've been using a number of different products (due to the blog being so in demand - SO COOL) and found 3 products I absolutely adore. 

Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Intensive Conditioning Treatment - £3.99 Sainsbury's

This was one of my Summer Hair and Beauty Heroes but it's going to stay in my haircare regime for time to come. This product is great for thick hair and it does make my hair look smooth and full of shine. It's enriched with Shea Butter so smells great and leaves your hair feeling nourished. This is a 15 minute treatment which I like to do when I'm washing in the bath, I'll wash my hair, put this through my hair, enjoy a lovely bubbly bath, then rinse. Lovely, definitely a once a week hair treat!

milk_shake Leave In Conditioning Whipped Cream - £14.79 RRP milk_shake haircare

This is my GO2 Wonder Product, it's great for not only thick, frizzy hair but has a colour seal which gets two thumbs up in my books with all the colours I put on my hair. I have 2 statements that will make you want to rush to your bank cards and order yourself some. 
  1. It Smells Like Green Cream Soda! (Childhood memories flooding back!)
  2. It cuts down blow drying time down by at least a half (FACT! It usually takes me about 30 mins to dry my hair but with this, it takes under 15 mins 90% of the time with amazing results)
This product couldn't be simpler to use. Shake and squirt out the whipped cream formulation into your hands, Rub hands together, Apply to towel dried (washed but not conditioned and brushed) hair, run through the ends until all dissolved into hair and blow dry! So simple and it gives you the shiniest locks in under 15 mins! - You can see a full review here

Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment - £7.99

It has that hype product in "Argan Oil" and it smells like Oranges and really, really summery and lovely. It does make my hair feel stronger and it really repairs your hair if you use a lot of heated appliances on it, which if you have thick and/or frizzy hair like mine I am sure you do, regularly!

In my house all us girls have dyed or highlighted hair so it's important for us to use products which will elongate the life of our colour. Being a red head at the moment myself I have come to terms with hair colour friendly products. I like to keep my red vibrant, and for the sake of this post I will talk about my eldest sister who's blonde and keeps her hair looking blonder for longer!

I've always been an at home colourer. I've been so many colours and spent copious amounts of time and money on finding the right colour. I've stuck with red, not only because it goes with my fiery personality but it's also the least high maintenance. Naturally I am ashy/mousey blondey brown which I found showed through really quick with dark brown and blonde and I'd be dying my hair every 4 weeks or so (sometimes less, I'm surprised I'm not bald) but now I'm only having to colour my hair every 8 weeks or so. 

I use Live Color XXL Colour Intense Real Red 35 which is a dark Red. It's usually on offer for £4 in Asda or Tesco but B&M is there for when it's not at £4.29. My sister's get their hair done professionally at a salon where it costs a lot more which means it needs to be well cared for, for the price you pay. 

Our top Hair Colour Products are:

The John Freida Colour Range - Varying prices (Sometimes 3 for 2 in Boots or 3 for £10 in Asda or Tesco)

Me, my sister and my mum all use this range. The quality of the products are second to none. The different ranges for different hair colours are amazing and the BEST Red Colour Protect products I've ever used. My Sister uses the Sheer Blonde and my Mum uses Brilliant Brunette, whereas I use Radiant Red. 
Products Range from: Shampoo, Condition, Hairspray, Serum, Intensive Conditioners etc

Fructis Colour Last Shampoo and Conditioner - 99p (B&M, Home Bargains, Bodycare)

I love this because it's a cheap way to keep my colour vibrant. Not only is it cheap, it's also really good quality stuff considering the price and this is a staple in my colour protect hair regime.

My sister is always going out and always loves her hair to be done. She loves it waved (as do I, see Curling/Waving Wand Tutorial) and loves it with a little bit of volumousity (yea, I just made that word up. But you get what I mean) Products and Tools are important when styling. 

Heat Defense Spray is always important, I use Phil Smith Hot Stuff - £4.09

To add some texture the Phil Smith "Big Hair" Range has some amazing products including "Big It Up" Mousse - £2.99 and Volume Boosting Spray - £4.09, which are my personal favourites out of the range. (Phil Smith is currently on offer in Sainsbury's until 20/08/13)

My Babyliss styling tools are my babies, I have the Ombre Hairdryer - £29.99, Elegance Straighteners - £39.99 (Perfect for "GHD Curls" (better than GHD's), and their Waving Wand - £24.99. All Bought in Boot's 

My main tips when using heat on your hair is don't always use the hottest heat on your hair. Use a heat that the thickness of your hair can handle. The thinner the hair the lower the heat, the thicker the hair the higher the heat.

Remember all hair needs caring for, be nice to your hair and it will pay back. A trip to the hairdressers every few months for a trim will do it the world of good. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you have any tips or questions remember to comment below. 

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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Do you Believe in Magic - Witch Hazel!!

On this review I will be talking about my new love for Witch. I have had problem skin since February this year. I've been getting constant blemishes on my cheeks and these can often be red and sore. I received 2 products that were meant to help me combat my blemishes. I had been advised that used together they would help clear my skin of blemishy bandits. 

First of all I know people say "Oh I have problem skin, my skin is awful" but really, my skin has been a wreck. Below is a picture I taken to show how bad my skin was actually looking. It was spotty and patchy - NOT GOOD

First product was Witch Blemish Stick 10g - £1.93 Boots

"The ultimate in blemish control, award winning Witch Blemish Stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots, making it the perfect targeted treatment for when a blemish makes an appearance." - Witch Skincare Official Website

What I like about it, is that it starts working right away. It's great because it's so small that if I feel like my face isn't up to much one day I can chuck it in my bag for a mid-day top up. I love the smell of it, it's so fresh and clean. You don't have to use this sparingly, just use it when you feel. 

The second product was Anti-Blemish BB Beauty Balm. 50ml - £4.66 Boots

"Witch Anti-blemish Beauty Balm’s clever, multi-action formula, is designed to boost your natural beauty and deliver flawless looking skin" - Witch Skincare Official Website

This product is great because it not only covers imperfections it helps target them. It's a peachy pink formula that gives medium coverage and is light on the skin. Can be worn as an alternative to a liquid foundation, it has SPF 12 in it which is good because it's sort of like a concealer/moisturiser it's good to wear on holiday instead of any heave make up. It's oil and fragrance free, it's really gentle to skin. 

My Skin is now starting to even out a little bit and is looking and feeling so fresh and clean after using these products. 

Keep a look out for more reviews on products from the Witch range from The Beauty Hot Squad

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Monday 29 July 2013

July Favourites Video

All my favourite things from this month!

Miss Flicklash by Eylure - Audrey Hepburn inspired look

I have to start off by saying Wow! Because these lashes really are amazing.
Now I'm not one for really wearing false lashes, I use to at one point wear them everyday for a few months but to be honest I'm not keen on wearing them now but recently I got the chance to try out the new lashes that Eylure have recently brought out called 'Miss Flicklash'.

 'The false lashes with the built in eye liner flick' 
These lashes really do look like you have eye liner on. I have to admit before they arrived I did think to myself that it wouldn't look like eyeliner, I don't know why I thought this as Eylure is a brand that's never let me down before and they honestly have the best lashes. 

You apply the lashes as you would any other lashes and the flick at the end already has some stick to it so you wouldn't need to put glue on that unless you where to reuse them again then you may need just a tiny bit on there. They are really simple and easy to apply, saying that I've never had any problems with applying lashes I have always found them really easy to apply and can get them on within a minute but I would say that for people who aren't use to applying lashes or find it difficult these will be great for you along with all the other lashes that Eylure do. I wanted to do an Audrey Hepburn inspired look so I decided to go for the 107F lashes as they look like the style that she would of worn.

 This is the Audrey Hepburn look that I was inspired to do, now I look nothing like Audrey Hepburn but I tried my best to incorporate this make-up look of hers onto me. I chose to do a Audrey Hepburn look as I love the way she looks, I especially love her thick brows.

Here is my Audrey Hepburn inspired make-up look.
My base, eye make-up and brows are my everyday make-up so I already had this on prior to doing this look and they are what I wanted to use for this look anyway. I just bronzed up my face slightly with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, neatened up my brows with the HD Brows Palette and added a red lip. 

I really enjoyed doing this make-up look and I think that the Miss Flicklash lashes are amazing! I will definitely wear them again for maybe a party or something like that but I think for everyday I would probably get the ones out of the Miss Flicklash range that aren't as thick as they are quite thick and a bit too much for everyday, for me anyway. 

The lashes are £6.50 and are available to buy from Boots and also the Eylure website. 

I'd love to know if you have tried these lashes and what are your thoughts on them.

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Jewels for the Sun

As it's getting into the midst of a great summer and with holidays and festivals calling out I thought I'd take a break from beauty and talk about my recent Jewellery purchases and some of my summer favourites.

As some of you know I am off to Vegas in September, but as the weeks go on all the cute colourful jewels will start to go too. So here are a few of my recent purchases to make a statement whilst I'm strutting down the Strip (with my new hip, ahh that rhymes haha). 

These 2 necklaces are from a Facebook store called BobbysGirl Bowtique, specialising is statement pieces. All of her jewellery is statement but not OTT.

The first one was the last one in the sale for a BARGAINOUS £5 and the Pretty Floral Necklace was only £10 well worth it for the amount of detailing. These will definitely stop some people in their tracks this Summer!

Obviously I couldn't wait to wear mine!

Now this necklace I got in the George Sale and I have an obsession with all things Tropical, I love Pineapples, Flamingos, Pina Coladas! So for £1.25, I had to have this baby! It's a long pendant necklace and will be worn as a day piece!

There are loads of cute things in the Sale at George, grab a bargain while you can!! 

Lately I've been embracing the fact I am wearing my hair up and I've finally managed to accomplish the "Hair Doughnut Conundrum" So I thought, "Why don't I buy myself some cute statement earrings for when I have my hair up"...So I did and for a great price too! 

These are both from F&F at Tesco, they were both about £1.25 which is a steal. I love the vintagey gold look of the little Owls and Owl's are so IN right now! And I love Filigree earrings. I bought a pair for my 21st Birthday Party and I loved them soo much and I lost them, so bought these to replace my old ones. 

These beauts are from the Claires Outlet in Cheshire Oaks which has now become one of my favourite stores to visit when outlet shopping. These were £7 reduced to £3.50 which is amazing because I would have bought these for full price. These will also go perfect with my BobbysGirl Floral Necklace. 

Now I think I have said this before but I am obsessed with Thomas Sabo (One of my many obsessions, but certainly one of my favourites) I have got some cute summery charms and some cute little beaded bracelets that I can't wait to take away with me and take to the Vegas Thomas Sabo store to get more.

My newest addition to my charm collection is my Toadstool (again, I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so that's why I got this one) 

Thomas Sabo are so cute and collectable. They are easily interchangeable and can be classy, cute or personal! My fave charms are my Cocktail, Sunglasses, "I Love You", Minnie, Palm Tree and Of Course my Welcome to Las Vegas charm. 

Well I hope you've enjoyed this different post from me. What are your favourite pieces to wear in Summer?? I'd love to know. 

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Rapid Shield Eyelash Daily Conditioner: Part 1

I have heard so many good things about the Rapid Lash so when I got the chance to try the Rapid Shield Eyelash Daily Conditioner I obviously jumped at the chance. 
Now there is a difference between the Rapid Lash and the Rapid Shield, The Rapid Lash from what I have heard and saw helps your lashes grow whereas the Rapid Shield is a conditioner that improves the overall appearance of your lashes and conditions them. 

According to what is said on the box 
The Rapid Shield helps protect, prime and refresh eyelashes.
'This daily conditioning treatment created with a highly beneficial Hexatein3 complex helps shield and protect lashes during the day, while delivering nourishment and conditioning benefits. Ideal to prime and prep lashes, boost appearance of volume, and give flawless shine and sheen! Lashes will appear more conditioned with improved definition and luster.'

The applicator is basically like a mascara wand, you apply this to your upper and lower lashes like you would a mascara, it can be used alone as a conditioner on clean lashes, and under make-up as a primer, or over mascara as a refresher to facilitate reapplication of make-up. 
It is also safe for contact lens wearers which is good. 

- 89% of women reported immediate improvement in appearance of lash definition, shine and sheen.
- 96% of women reported improvement in condition and overall appearance of lashes in just 2 weeks.

Now I have only used the Rapid Shield twice so far, both times under my mascara and what I have noticed so far is that it helps keep a curl in my lashes but that is all so far. I am going to try this out for 2 weeks and then I will write a post at the end of those 2 weeks letting you know how I have got on and before and after pictures, Don't forget to check back for that.


Baby Lips - Swatches & Review

The wait is over, Maybelline Baby Lips have finally hit UK stores! But was it worth the wait? Read on to see what I thought of them...

There are 6 Baby Lips lip balms available in total, 3 are coloured and 3 colourless and each claim to keep your lips hydrated for a full 8 hours.

Let’s start with the 3 non-coloured balms:

The Blue Baby Lips is called ‘Hydrate’ and it smells amazing! (It smells similar to the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask)and it feels lovely and smooth on the lips. It adds a nice subtle shine and lasted well on the lips, it didn’t however pass the food test as it had all worn off after a meal.

The Yellow Baby Lips is called ‘Intense Care’ and smells of cherry almond which I adore. The formula is pretty much the same as ‘hydrate’ but perhaps a little more nourishing.

The Green Baby Lips is called ‘Mint Fresh’ and as the name suggests it had a minty scent. It also felt a little tingly on my lips so this was probably my least favourite of the three.

Each of these have an SPF of 20 which I was really pleased to see however, I do feel there are better lip balms available for the same price. 

Moving onto the 3 coloured Baby Lips (which I expect will be the most popular):

The Orange Baby Lips is called ‘Cherry Me’ and is the most pigmented of the colours available. It smells of delicious cherries and it a vibrant red colour, this is my favourite of all the Baby Lips, however, the colour does not transfer that well to the lips and it gives a very sheer colour (swatches shown below). I don’t mind this as it is great for everyday wear as the colour is very pretty and subtle (if I wanted more colour I would wear a lipstick).

The Pink Baby Lips is called ‘Pink Punch’ and it smells lovely and fruity. Again the colour pay off isn’t that strong but it works well for every day wear and it is a very pretty girly pink shade.

And finally the Purple Baby Lips is called ‘Peach Kiss’ and yes, you guessed it – it smells of peach. This had very little colour transfer, even when swatched on my super pale arm and I noticed no colour on my lips so this was my least favourite of the three.

Although I find the packaging super cute and fun, I do feel like these are aimed at a younger audience and would be perfect for girls in the early teens as they are really girly, super affordable and also very sheer on the lips. I’ll be keeping ‘Cherry Me’ in my handbag for a pop of subtle colour and moisture on the go, and 'Pink Punch' will stay in my make-up bag but I’m not sure how much use the others will get.

If you're looking to purchase Baby Lips I'd definitely recommend going for those two (cherry me & pink punch) as they smell absolutely gorgeous and give a nice little pop of colour, but I probably wouldn't recommend any of the others simply because I believe there are better products out there for the same price.

You can purchase Baby Lips in boots for £2.99 each, and they are currently on a 3 for 2 offer.

Have you tried any of the Baby Lips? What did you think of them? I’d love to know…

Linda x

Saturday 27 July 2013

The Glamour tan for every season - Tantastic review

Hey Sweeties!

Up until I started writing this post (great timing UK weather!), the weather has been nothing but flawless, the same however can not be said for my tan... 
I have most definitely caught the sun and from a distance I'm sure my tan looks beautiful and even but up close I can see that I've tanned slightly awkwardly in certain areas. I've never been one for fake tan purely because of the way it looks as they 'fade' or 'fall off in random places' as I see it, but I think I may have found a new love for the tan in a can!

Tantastic instant spraytan - £18 

• Tans up to 5 full bodies, lasting up to 7 days
• Contains non toxic, rich moisturising ingredients, such as Glycerine for long lasting perfect fade self tan
• No wastage – can empties 100% with no clogging, ensuring an even application
• Non aerosol, environmentally friendly, bag-in-can technology
• Paraben and alcohol free
• Contains Ecocert approved natural DHA (6%)

Other than disagreeing with the website's claim that the tan is odourless, not that I mind the fake tan smell, I am totally in awe of this tan.
I sprayed the tan directly onto my skin and then buffed in with a tanning mitt. The tan is fairly watery in texture but still easy to control and work with and despite feeling wet to begin with it dried within 30 seconds. Initially I didn't see much of a difference in colour, putting it down to the fact I'm already 
fairly tanned at the moment however After applying the tan in the evening and allowing it to develop for a good 10 hours whilst in bed, I woke up with a noticeably darker, golden/bronze, glowing tan.

7 days on and after doing nothing other than moisturise, the tan is still going strong and unlike with all other tans I've used, the tan seems to be fading rather than going patchy. There are no tell tale signs around my fingers, hands or wrists and I can honestly say this tan is amazing in every way! I can't sing its praises enough!
The tantastic range has something to suit everyone and there is more than enough product in each bottle to get far more than your money's worth. I will definitely be purchasing this myself when I run out.

Before (Left)                                   After (Right)

Purchase yours here :

Accessorize Lipstick

Recently my sister bought me this Accessorize lipstick in shade 'Infatuated' for my birthday. I wanted a dark, plum-red coloured lipstick and so this product is perfect. It's a nice size and the packaging is so pretty too.

The colour comes out nice and rich. I found the best way to apply it was to do one coat on my bottom lip first, then to blot it with a tissue before applying another coat. Then do the same with the top lip. I had to blot it with the tissue a lot, otherwise it would end up smudging loads and looking messy. I don't use lip liner yet with careful application I was able to achieve a clean line.

I always love the classic look of a red lipstick. This product stays on for a reasonable amount of time but it did need to be topped up a bit throughout the night when I wore it to the pub.

What's your favourite red lipstick? Do you wear it often or find that a dark colour is too much hassle to keep looking neat?

Ingrid x