Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Haute Couture Eyelashes.

Hi! Nicola here. So I'm going to confess I am a lashes junkie.. I love wearing false eyelashes and will tend to wear them most days damn you barely there eyelashes of mine! So when I was promised 'Luxurious light weight eyelashes' I was excited to try these out!

Haute couture lashes are a new product release from the much loved brand Kiss. They promise to provide glamour and luxury with no fuss or high maintenance. Claiming they are so light weight you will forget that you have them on!

I got the set in Flirt, Which are very natural more 'your eyelashes but better' Giving alot more definition to your eyes.  

Each pack comes with an unusual little applicator meaning that they couldn't be easier to apply. Especially if your not very good at applying them meaning you can have your glamorous eyelashes in seconds.

 What I think

These eyelashes definitely live up to all of the claims Kiss have set.  I have worn these eyelashes for 2 days straight, Even my very long shift at work because I wanted to put them through the ultimate test!

They apply like a dream the handy applicator means they are put on perfectly with every application. The glue also is very very good. I find most times the glue that comes with eyelashes are quite frankly rubbish but in this case the glue is brilliant, Becoming tacky almost immediately and they stayed put for my 10 hour work day.. no coming loose at the corners or lash falling off they looked as good as they did when I left the house.

These lashes are very light weight, and natural. You can't feel them AT all. I forgot I had them on! They are very black meaning no mascara is required. and they can be cleaned, and reused over and over again.

Overall these are probably one of the best eyelash pairs I have ever tried and trust me I have tried ALOT. 

There are three styles available Flirt, Wink and Lust. As well as Individual. They can be bought from Asda or Boots. Prices start from £4.49 for a single pair. £7.99 for a duo pack or £16.99 for a multi pack of 5. 

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Nicola xx 

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