Sunday 30 June 2013

Carnival Fancy Dress with Eylure and Collection!

Hi guys! I'm Lucy from LucyLovesBeauty and I can't wait to share my first Beauty Hot Squad post with you all! Recently, I went to a Carnival themed fancy dress party and so of course I wanted to create the perfect makeup look for the occasion!

Carnival makeup is all about being bright, bold and fun. My dress was kind of a pink/coral colour, and so I wanted to make sure my look was kind of tropical without looking too trashy. For the lips, I knew that the Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquer in Rebel would be the perfect product! Rebel is a super bright pink colour which is super glossy and perfect for summer. The formula is really thick and so it stays on the lips really well. I was impressed to find that it lasted all night! And even better, I got a few great compliments on the colour. This will definitely be coming out again on my next night out!

After browsing the Internet for Carnival makeup inspiration, I found a recurring theme; lashes! The bigger the better! I found that Eylure Naturalites Triple Lashes 301 were absolutely amazing for the look I wanted to achieve. These lashes are three times bigger than average false lashes, and so not only did they save me time applying loads of different lashes to achieve the desired look, I found that they looked really lovely. The winged effect was amazing and they really do make a statement! Perfect for fancy dress or just a special night out. You might have to be brave to wear these, but once I had them on I found them totally wearable and they stayed put all night! Application was really easy too, and I didn't smudge my eye makeup trying to apply them either - I'm so glad of this because I spent a LOT of time perfecting my look!

My other makeup was quite simple, with my cheekbones contoured and highlighted to make them pop, and my eyebrows dark. I really enjoyed dressing up, and I think the lashes and lip lacquer were really the focal point of my look! I would definitely recommend them for luscious lips and fluttery lashes! To see all the products I used for my look, see this post.

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