Saturday 13 September 2014

My Cut and Blow with Alison Roberts

On Wednesday I was invited down to Andrew Collinge for a complimentary cut and blow by Supreme Stylist Alison Roberts. Alison has been shortlisted for The British Hairdressing Awards -North Western Division (which I've been told are like the Oscars of the Hairdressing World). Whilst Alison was doing my hair I had a lovely chat with her and found out that she's a pretty amazing woman!

I walked into the Andrew Collinge in Castle Street in Liverpool on Wednesday at about 12.20 when I knew my appointment wasn't until 1pm but I was so excited. When I got in the receptionist showed me to a lovely comfortable seat to wait in until my appointment and offered a drink while I waited. Obviously I opted for a lovely cup of tea (which was spot on). While I sat with my cuppa I had a little nosey around and seen all the awards the salon had won and they were proudly on display around all their products they have on offer to purchase. Talking about their products, they have tonnes of TIGI products which I love loads! They aren't expensive either, a guy came in and bought a large barrel curling wand and it was only £35 which is great value. The salon itself is lovely, modern and bright, it just felt fresh and new.

Please excuse the poor pics with my fingers in the way!

When I met Alison she asked me what I wanted and I said I only wanted a trim but everything else was up to her. She decided on a long defined side fringe and layers in the front to frame my face. I was really happy with that and thought it would look fantastic. She sent me to be washed and conditioned and that was really where the experience starts. She asked the shampoo lad to use a number 2 on my hair which in my memory of TIGI is usually Recovery for Dry/Damaged hair. The guy was like magic, he gave me a head massage and I have never felt so relaxed in my life. 

Onto Alison herself, whilst she snipped at my hair I really wanted to find out more about her. I found so much stuff out. She's pretty much worked in two of the hairstyling capitals of the world London and New York. She lived in New York for 22 years and worked in a few salons during her time there. She said she loves Liverpool because this is where her partner is from and even though he is still back and forth from New York she loves working for Andrew Collinge (who she says is a pretty nice guy) in Liverpool. I also wanted to know what her favourite hair care products were and she says she loves TIGI Hair Reborn, MorrocanOil Light and she loves using Mason Pearson Brushes to which she refers to them as the Rolls Royce of Hairbrushes. 

I asked her about how she felt about being shortlisted for the award and what her portfolio was like that she sent in to be judged. She said she was really happy about being shortlisted and spoke to me about the prestige these awards have behind them. She said her portfolio was a mix of very geometrical styles and bold colours, which I think is amazing. I think she will really stand out from the crowd with those types of styles. I said to her that if you really love what you do then it reflects on the outcomes. I do wish her all the best of luck with the Awards on the 24th November.

Now to my final look, after all the amazing treatment I had at the Andrew Collinge Salon, I left feeling like a superstar with my perfectly trimmed and blown locks which just felt amazing. I don't think I've ever been so happy after a cut and blow in my life. Alison made me feel and look amazing and really put a spring in my step. Even the people in work noticed a big smile on my face because of my hair. 

The British Hairdressing Awards which are Sponsored by Schwarzkopf and will be held in the Grosvenor Hotel in London on 24th November 2014. I'm wishing Alison good luck at the awards and hopefully she will bring home a lovely new addition to the salon. 

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