Saturday 27 July 2013

Accessorize Lipstick

Recently my sister bought me this Accessorize lipstick in shade 'Infatuated' for my birthday. I wanted a dark, plum-red coloured lipstick and so this product is perfect. It's a nice size and the packaging is so pretty too.

The colour comes out nice and rich. I found the best way to apply it was to do one coat on my bottom lip first, then to blot it with a tissue before applying another coat. Then do the same with the top lip. I had to blot it with the tissue a lot, otherwise it would end up smudging loads and looking messy. I don't use lip liner yet with careful application I was able to achieve a clean line.

I always love the classic look of a red lipstick. This product stays on for a reasonable amount of time but it did need to be topped up a bit throughout the night when I wore it to the pub.

What's your favourite red lipstick? Do you wear it often or find that a dark colour is too much hassle to keep looking neat?

Ingrid x

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