Friday, 14 November 2014

Tresemme Youth Boost

I'm well aware that I'm not naturally blessed on the hair front. It's frizzy, dry, damaged and really not as thick as I'd like. I'm always trying out volume boosting products to try and give my hair that little bit of oomph. I had been using the Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray for a while and although it does work, it leaves an awful lot of build up and my hair was never great on day two.

So when I was offered the chance to try out a few products from Tresemme Youth Boost range I jumped at the chance. According to Tresemme, the Youth Boost system is "weightlessly infused with omega-3 and antioxidants" and "recharges your hair with youthful fullness, softness and shine". At 23, I'm probably not the type of consumer who would notice the biggest change but I know that when something claims to be anti ageing, it's always full of moisture which is perfect for my constantly thirsty hair.

I was sent the shampoo, conditioner and styling lotion. During the first week I have to admit, I wasn't blown away. They were nice products but I thought that was it, something I'd pick up but easily change. By week two I was sold. My hair felt softer, was much more easily manageable even in the shower (no tangles even after the first shampoo!) and I didn't have to tie back flat second day hair.  I've been using the three products for almost a month and I really am in love with the results! I may revert back to my usual hair oil when I run out of the lotion for even more moisture but I would 100% buy the shampoo and conditioner again and again. I already have my eye on the Fullness Emulsion Spray to complete the range. 

Has anybody else tried this range yet, or have a wonder hair product? My mind is always open to new ideas!

Kate A

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pro Activ+ 3 Step System

When I was approached to try some of Nicole Scherzinger's beauty staples. Of course I was intrigued as to what the wonderful Scherzy uses to stay looking gorgeous. One of these being the new ProActiv+ 3 step system for spot prone skin. Having used the Original ProActiv, I asked to try this as my skincare regime was becoming a bit muddled. 

Here's a little about the brand itself: 

"Throughout their professional careers, Katie Rodan, M.D., and Kathy Fields, M.D., have been on a mission to help blemish sufferers take control—so that the physical and emotional challenges of breakouts no longer need to be a fact of life. Their vision: Healthy, beautiful skin for all.

Today, the Proactiv® branded products have sold to 20 million customers worldwide, and is trusted by women, men and teens." - ProActiv Website

This is a brand which has been championed by many a celeb which not only includes Nicole but Adam Levine (Maroon 5 Frontman), Julianne Hough (Actress, Dancer, All Around BABE!), Ola Jordan (Strictly Dancer) and Katy Perry (Also an all around BABE!) I have loved ProActiv since I first tried the skincare wipes last year in Vegas. 

When I received this it was presented in a cardboard box which looked really clean and lovely. Inside the products have steered away from the dark teal, white and orange packaging and now opted for a more simple White and Light Teal colours for it's packagine which I really like because it does look fresh and new. 

Inside the box was not only the 3 Step System there were extras that I was really pleasantly surprised with - Skin Purifying Mask and a Cleansing Body Bar.

Now I aimed to use these products for 30 days to see the effects it had on my skin. I've been using it on and off since the 20th September. I was using this product alongside my sister who often suffers with spot-prone skin who has been using it consistently. I had to take over a week out of using it due to an illness causes cracks around my nose and mouth and because all these products contain the spot fighting active ingredient of Salicylic Acid, I could not use it because my skin had become overly sensitive.

All of these products were good for me, I did see a reduction in the redness of my blemishes but it wasn't stopping the little pinprick spots from emerging on my skin. My sister on the other hand experienced amazing results from using the 3 Step System Daily, her skin had cleared up within a week of using it and is looking to repurchase.

For me the best product out of these is the moisturiser. Even though it contains the Salicylic Acid, which is a natural drying to the skin ingredient, it left my skin feeling normal and soft. 

The ALL NEW Proactiv+ 30 Day Core Kit includes your 3-Step System for beautiful, clear skin: 
+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator (2oz/60ml) 
+ Pore Targeting Treatment (1oz/30ml) 
+ Complexion Perfecting Hydrator (1oz/30ml)
And if you order from the website you get the Purifying Mask with this bundle all for just £19.99.

I do recommend getting the 30 day kit which is a bargain at under £20 to make your mind up about ProActiv+ first because as I mentioned before it won't always work the same on the same skin types.

And if it's good enough for Scherzy then you should give it a try because it could be good enough for you. 

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Summer Hair Heroes

This Summer has been a complete whirlwind with my hair. From cutting my long locks off and reverting back to my natural colour to try and improve the health of my hair. I've also been trying a multitude of different products over the summer. I've had 3 Shampoo and Conditioning rituals which have really made a difference. Now's time to prepare my hair for winter which is a completely different post to this so keep an eye out. 

My first one is Aussie's Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner (Bought on offer in Costco for £9.50 for both (massive bottles) but usually available in Boot's 3 for 2 or 3 for £10 offers). This was perfect to start off the Summer when it was hotter in late June, early July because that's when my hair was drying out a little. I noticed that the Aussie did strip some of my colour off my hair so wouldn't recommend this to people who have recently dyed their hair red or brown. It smells amazing like Bubblegum and it left a really distinctive shine on my hair.

Next up is natural brand A'Kin. I was kindly sent these to try out and because my scalp has been really sensitive over the transition from red head to brunette to natural mousey tones and these were perfect. The bottle of Macadamia and Wheat Protein Conditioner (£10 225ml) didn't last very long but it was very very good. With natural wheat proteins it really strengthened my hair really well. The very gently shampoo (£18 for 500ml)has no smell and it's great for sensitive scalps. I use it when my fringe can do with a bit of a wash because it's kind on my forehead skin. The packaging for these is really organic.

Finally my fave. TIGI's Bed Head Recharge for Dull Hair. It has definitely put a shine back in my hair that the others couldn't. After use it feels like I've had my hair washed and blown in the salon. They use this in my hairdressers and when I had some spare cash and I seen them in TK Maxx I thought, "Why not?". Boy am I glad I did make the purchase that day. It worked out at £22 for the both but found them cheaper on Feel Unique and these are 750ml Bottle, they are MAHOOSIVE!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Cut and Blow with Alison Roberts

On Wednesday I was invited down to Andrew Collinge for a complimentary cut and blow by Supreme Stylist Alison Roberts. Alison has been shortlisted for The British Hairdressing Awards -North Western Division (which I've been told are like the Oscars of the Hairdressing World). Whilst Alison was doing my hair I had a lovely chat with her and found out that she's a pretty amazing woman!

I walked into the Andrew Collinge in Castle Street in Liverpool on Wednesday at about 12.20 when I knew my appointment wasn't until 1pm but I was so excited. When I got in the receptionist showed me to a lovely comfortable seat to wait in until my appointment and offered a drink while I waited. Obviously I opted for a lovely cup of tea (which was spot on). While I sat with my cuppa I had a little nosey around and seen all the awards the salon had won and they were proudly on display around all their products they have on offer to purchase. Talking about their products, they have tonnes of TIGI products which I love loads! They aren't expensive either, a guy came in and bought a large barrel curling wand and it was only £35 which is great value. The salon itself is lovely, modern and bright, it just felt fresh and new.

Please excuse the poor pics with my fingers in the way!

When I met Alison she asked me what I wanted and I said I only wanted a trim but everything else was up to her. She decided on a long defined side fringe and layers in the front to frame my face. I was really happy with that and thought it would look fantastic. She sent me to be washed and conditioned and that was really where the experience starts. She asked the shampoo lad to use a number 2 on my hair which in my memory of TIGI is usually Recovery for Dry/Damaged hair. The guy was like magic, he gave me a head massage and I have never felt so relaxed in my life. 

Onto Alison herself, whilst she snipped at my hair I really wanted to find out more about her. I found so much stuff out. She's pretty much worked in two of the hairstyling capitals of the world London and New York. She lived in New York for 22 years and worked in a few salons during her time there. She said she loves Liverpool because this is where her partner is from and even though he is still back and forth from New York she loves working for Andrew Collinge (who she says is a pretty nice guy) in Liverpool. I also wanted to know what her favourite hair care products were and she says she loves TIGI Hair Reborn, MorrocanOil Light and she loves using Mason Pearson Brushes to which she refers to them as the Rolls Royce of Hairbrushes. 

I asked her about how she felt about being shortlisted for the award and what her portfolio was like that she sent in to be judged. She said she was really happy about being shortlisted and spoke to me about the prestige these awards have behind them. She said her portfolio was a mix of very geometrical styles and bold colours, which I think is amazing. I think she will really stand out from the crowd with those types of styles. I said to her that if you really love what you do then it reflects on the outcomes. I do wish her all the best of luck with the Awards on the 24th November.

Now to my final look, after all the amazing treatment I had at the Andrew Collinge Salon, I left feeling like a superstar with my perfectly trimmed and blown locks which just felt amazing. I don't think I've ever been so happy after a cut and blow in my life. Alison made me feel and look amazing and really put a spring in my step. Even the people in work noticed a big smile on my face because of my hair. 

The British Hairdressing Awards which are Sponsored by Schwarzkopf and will be held in the Grosvenor Hotel in London on 24th November 2014. I'm wishing Alison good luck at the awards and hopefully she will bring home a lovely new addition to the salon. 

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Glossy Box August.

This month Glossybox celebrated there 3RD birthday, Which is absolutely baffeling I still rememeber everyone and there dog raving about there first ever box containing a full sized Nars product!

I haven't been a full on subscriber and have only ever gotten a few boxes (Mainly Limited edition ones) But I sighned up last month for the 4th of July box and thought i'd keep subscribed for a few months to test out the waters!

So lets see whats inside the box!
Figs & Rouge mini hand cream 
This colourful little tube caught my eye instantly it really is eye catching, The scent is Mango Mandarin and it really does smell beautiful. I own loads of hand creams but never have one on me when I need one so this handy little tube has gone to live in my handbag already!

Sample 20ml size worth £1.73 (Full size £6.95)

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer  
Now this isn't really a product that has ever really interested me, This is a pre shampoo treatment that you leave on for 20 minutes then wash of and wash your hair as usual. It is meant to boost elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. I'm happy to give this a try as it really isn't a product I would ever buy.
40ml sample worth £6.08 (Full size £38!)

Yves Rocher Nail polish in Rose.
This teeny tiny nail polish is actually a full size! I don't get to wear nail polish very often because of work but seen as I have a bit of time off I can't wait to paint my nails with this, Upon swatch the colour is very true to the colour in the bottle and really packs a punch in pigment instead of really sheer as I imagined! 
Full size product worth £3.60

Lamour Lalique L'amour 
Ugh perfume samples! But seen as though there is 6 products this month I'll let this one slide, It smells ok.. not really my cup of tea as it is a very mature scent where as I love sweet fruity scents. But I'll use the little sample up.
Sample worth £2.68 (Full size £68)

Essence Long lasting lipstick
I got the nude shade in my box, I have seen this brand in Wilkinson's but never gave them a second thought this lipstick is pigmented but glossy, and gives a nice subtle wash of colour. Its simple and cute packaging I also really like.
Full size a bargain £2.29!

Kryolan highlighter Cashmere (Glossy box exclusive)
My last and final product is my favourite of the lot, This creamy highlighter is absolutely stunning it glides on the skin effortlessly and gives the most subtle stunning highlight, Multi purpose that can be used on eyes cheeks and lips. The price of this box is worth it alone for this product. 
Fullsize £12.95

So there we have it my August Glossy box totalling to £34.55 which is a fair amount and I'm happy with the box I'm still unsure with this box.. A £2.29 lipstick compared to a £20 full size cleanser but I suppose that's the fun of these boxes you never know!

What do you think of Glossybox are you a fan of subscription boxes ? 

Nicola x 

Health Conscious Beauty- Nailberry

Recently, I was very kindly sent these two beautiful Nailberry nail polishes to have a play with. Nailberry was founded by Sonia Hully following the success of her Knightsbridge nail salon. Sonia noticed that theere was a huge gap in the market for a health-conscious nail brand. Nailberry prides itself on its guarantee never to test on animals and its "4-free formula"- free from formaldehyde, camphor, tolulene and phthalate (DBP). In essence its a healthy beauty product. I'm one of those people who will buy anything if it promises to be healthy. Wheatgrass shots may be the most disgusting tasting drink known to man but if it's going to help my health i'm all ears! It makes sense to take this mantra over to my beauty products and i've recently started looking at brands using much more natural ingredients.

Unlike wheatgrass, Nailberry polishes come in the most beautiful colours. I opened up my little parcel like a child on Christmas morning and was greeted with the gorgeous "Young and Fabulous" and "Nut cracker". They're perfect for the transition from summer into autumn and are perfect for me as I tend to stick to neutrals or rich berry shades in the winter. I've had a mooch around the website and they really do have some gorgeous shades! I have my eye on "Mystere" and "Noir Berry" for my next additions.

On to the polishes! I found that I needed two coats for Nutcracker and although two were okay for Young and Fabulous I preferred using three for the full opacity. As I expected with a salon brand, the polish didn't chip as quickly as my drug store nail varnishes and probably would have lasted the full week I tested each one out on anyone else but me! A few people actually asked me if I'd had my nails done at a salon which was a lovely compliment. 

The polishes are a little pricey at £13.50 a pop but I do think the quality speaks for itself. If you happen to be around Knightsbridge, prices are between £12 for a mini manicure and £55 for a Nailbery Mani and Pedi. 

What do you think about Health Conscious beauty brands? Should we be seeing more of them? Who are your favourites?

Kate A x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Racinne Skincare

For the past few weeks I've been trying out some new skincare from the brand Racinne.

"Racinne is a company that seeks to help people feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter their appearance, age, or level of affluence. This purpose is derived from our conviction that feeling beautiful is never just about how one looks. More importantly, it is a matter of how one sees him- or herself in relationship with the world. With these principles at its heart, Racinne offers products and services aimed at helping our customers discover, foster, and celebrate their love for their own skin"

After doing a bit of research into the company I was eager to put these to the test. The two products I was sent to try out are from the 'Ultimate Hydra Perfection' range

First up is the 'Essentialift Supplement Serum' - I love a good serum and it's one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine. This serum is lovely and made my skin instantly feel smoother and look more radiant. However, my one seems to have a dodgy pipette on the top making it really difficult to get the product out. You can even see in the picture above it doesn't fill to the top and when I squeeze it again the product doesn't come out. So instead I have to turn the bottle upside down and tip it into my hand which isn't ideal and means I have no control over the amount of product I get out.

That being said I really do love the serum - it is suitable for all skin types and can be used day or night. I personally prefer using it in the morning as it gives my skin a lovely glow and leaves my skin well nourished for the day ahead.

After the serum I apply the 'Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream'. The texture of this is really difficult to explain, its a very rich and thick cream but it feels really light on the skin and it sinks in instantly. It is incredibly smooth, has a very subtle 'spa like' scent and it is the perfect base for make-up. I don't use a primer when I use this moisturiser as there is simply no need for it. 

This cream also claims to 'activate the skin's natural regeneration of collagen, reduces fine lines and dark spots' which can never be a bad thing if you ask me! Again like the serum it gives a lovely radiant glow which I absolutely love and I've been really enjoying using this in the mornings. This also states that it should be used 'twice daily' however I only use it as day cream just for personal preference, I like to have separate daytime and nighttime skincare routines. 

Overall I really do love these products, they work really well together and are perfect if your skin is in need of a radiance boost! My only issue was the pipette on the serum but I'm sure that's just my bad luck and I got a dodgy one. 

You can view the full range of Racinne products here

What do you think of Racinne?? Let me know in the comments below...

Linda x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

LDN: SKINS Gradual Fake Tan Review.

Hi beauties. If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know one of my biggest passions is fake tan. It’s possible I’ve tried all of the, what I would call, ‘well known’ brands, so when the opportunity arises to try out a brand I’ve not heard of, I jump at it!

I was very kindly sent the LDN : SKINS Gradual self tan lotion, in tone 2; medium, a self tan which offers me a golden yet natural looking tan, which is infused with organic benefits. Also included was the most amazing tanning mitt.....!
The packaging is quite simple, yet looks expensive and luxurious.

The lotion itself is an almost caramel coloured, thick lotion which smells absolutely divine, subtle hints of lavender and not in the slightest fake tan smelling at all, infact if I didn’t know different, I’d have thought it was a lavender scented moisturiser! The list of organic ingredients infused into this tan is absolutely immense...

Aloe Vera - A succulent moisturiser & natural healer. 
Avocado Oil - A rich source of Vitamin A & E, softens, moisturises & nourishes skin. 
Seaweed - Packed with vitamins & minerals to nourish & protect skin. 
Melon - Contains sugars, minerals & vitamins for intense skin conditioning. 
Orange Flower Oil - An excellent skin tonic - detoxifies & conditions skin. 
Grapefruit Peel - Stimulates circulation, tones & rejuvenates skin for a more youthful appearance. 
English Lavender - Promotes healthy, refreshed & flawless skin.

So, the application of tan. 
The tan, as mentioned comes with a tanning mitt. A VELVET tanning mitt. And let me tell you, it is amazing. My palms are kept safe from being dyed as it is waterproof, but to apply the tan with this mitt is heaven. It is the softest, smoothest, most luxurious mitt i’ve had the pleasure of using...and i’ve used a fair few. 

The lotion claims to provide a colour guide. This for me was probably the only dissapointing feature, as it DOESN'T have a colour guide at all. It is completely transparent when spread onto the skin. For this reason, I would be inclined to say that this particular self tan would be better suited to girls (and guys!) who have experience in self tanning and are comfortable in using a gradual tan lotion. Luckily, I'm used to self tanning so was positive I could provide myself an even tan without missing any areas!
The tan is left to develop over a period of 8 hours, I tanned around an hour before bedtime and left it overnight. 

Upon waking, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It wasn't as deep as I'd usually go for, however I was a very natural looking, golden brown, which if you'll remember, is what the brand claims to give! It is very buildable and can provide a lovely dark tan, if you're patient enough to layer the tan over a few days for required results!

This photo was taken a week or so later where I tanned one arm, one layer, and left overnight for comparison purposes....I tanned the second arm not long after!

The biggest positive for me - does anyone else suffer with 'spotty legs' after shaving and then tanning, in which the tan seeps into open pores leaving your legs looking dotty?! My biggest pet peeve with fake tans! This one, DOES NOT do that! Hallelujah! 
I also noticed that the infused ingredients had helped soften my skin massively; a small patch of dry skin I suffer with on my arm had completely vanished! 

The only let down for me was the lack of colour guide, otherwise this tan is fantastic if you're looking for a natural tan suitable for daytime wear without being over the top and overly fake, with the option to build into a deeper, darker looking tan. 

LDN:SKINS Tan is available to buy here, ranging from £22 to £28 and is available in a lotion or mousse, instant and gradual! It is also available in salons, and may be available to purchase near you! You can check for local stockists here.

Have you tried this paticular brand before? Interested in trying it? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


Friday, 22 August 2014

The 'AnarKitty' Goldie Brush and Pixie Lott Dry Shampoo Review

Recently I was sent 2 brand new products to review. Denman have teamed up with cult modern artist ‘AnarKitty’ to produce the ‘Goldie’ Denman D3 Classic Brush. And the UK’s No1 dry shampoo brand, Batiste, are proud to announce Pixie Lott as the official face of their 2014 campaign.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tanya Burr Lipgloss

When I first heard that Tanya Burr was bringing out a Lipgloss and Nail Varnish Collection I was so excited, a bit too excited in fact! I was more excited for the Lipgloss' than the Nail Varnishes though as I do prefer Make-up over Nail Varnish, anyway enough of my rambling.. So when the range first came into my local Superdrug I went their instantly to go and have a look and fell in love with the Lipgloss' instantly! I picked up the Lipgloss in the shade 'First Date' (love the name) as it was really the only shade available at the time that I knew I would get my wear out of.  A few weeks after I ordered 'Picnic in the Park' off of Feel Unique as they had a offer on where so many products where £5 each so I used that opportunity to grab another of the Tany Burr Lipgloss'. I must say, although Picnic in the Park is a lovely colour I'm not a fan of how it looks on me, it a tad too bright for my liking.

I was then given the opportunity to review one of the Tanya Burr Lipgloss' and obviously I jumped at the chance to be able to try another shade. I decided to go for 'Afternoon Tea' which is a lovely glossy peach colour, I say peach but it does have a dark pink undertone to it too, it's actually quite hard to describe the colour it is. I hope by the photo that you can get an idea of the beautiful colour that it is.

'Afternoon Tea' is a slightly darker colour than pictured but no matter what lighting I used I could not seem to get the true colour to show. I find this gloss in particular to be of a thicker consistency than the other two that I have and the pigmentation is amazing. I have just teamed the gloss with my everyday make-up which I think it works well with and is perfect for the summer and the early stages of autumn.

You can purchase Tanya Burr's Lipgloss' and Nail Varnish range from superdrug and also feelunique. The lipgloss' are £6.99 but sometimes Superdrug do have them on 3 for 2 and Feel Unique currently have 35% off the lipgloss' so be quick and grab them whilst the offers are on! You wont regret it.

If you do try any of Tanya Burr's range or already do have some of the products then please do leave a comment letting me know what you think of them, I'd love to know what your faves are.



Invisibobble - The Traceless Hair Ring

I'm the type of girl who constantly wears her hair up. Ponytails, Scouse Buns and Top Knots, that's where it's at for me. When I was first sent these I was amazed at the amount I got, 12 in an assortment of colours, of which I chose Pink as a firm favourite! I was skeptical at first, I thought "this thing is going to stretch out so quickly and snap". But here's the thing, it didn't! 

Just to show how much I do actually wear my hair up! 

I wore an Invisibobble for 2 weeks almost everyday, and then the other day I used a normal bobble and OMG did I notice the difference! For the time I have been using the Invisibobble I have noticed less tension in my head, no snags, no kinks and so much less breakage! 

Lovely Packaging and TINY!

Invisibobble's are £3.75 in Boots and are available in so many colours. I have got Pink, White, Black and Yellow. Now this may sound excessive but they are so worth it, I'm so happy my headaches have gone less frequent. There are some fabulous tutorials on Invisibobble's YouTube Page.

Here is one of my favourites!

And they really are just as simple as that.

And when you haven't got your Invisibobble in you can wear one on your wrist and it won't look garish like regular hair bobbles can look like, it's quite a cute quirky little bracelet. You'd think that with all that stretching the bobble would lose it's shape but it doesn't! It's amazing, been recommending them to all of my friends. I've not had to use hair clips either because it holds everything up and when I use my donut I can secure loose hairs with the rings of the Invisibobble.

How my Invisibobble looks after 2 weeks of wear and stretching!

Bracelet Feature
Hair still high and in place after an 8am to 4pm Shift with a Headset on!

You can follow Invisibobble on Twitter @invisibobble they are always posting pictures on great ways to use an Invisibobble. I'd really love to think that these won't just be a fad and will be around for a long time because they are just so good! I think I'm going to get the Crystal Clear ones for my holidays.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Battle of the Pore Minimizers!

A few months ago I bought Maybelline Baby Skin to see what it was like. I'm a massive fan of Benefit's Porefessional and I had heard good things. I really needed a product that would do for me at a fraction of the price and with Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser only being £7.99 for 22ml I had to give it a go. 

I'm really glad I took the chance because for me it's been a god send because since starting work in a call centre I don't know what it is but my pores have gotten really big. I was going through Porefessional like nobody's business up until I purchased Baby Skin. 

L: Baby Skin R: Porefessional

Here's a little info on both products:
  • Both promise to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Both are a really great lightweight primer
  • Both have a pretty similar consistency as to how they feel applying to the skin
  • Porefessional is coloured and is best worn under make up because it can leave a yellowy tinge on your skin.
  • Baby Skin is translucent so can be work with and without make up.
  • Baby Skin does make your pores look less visible whereas:
  • Porefessional, I feel completed covers your pores making your skin look flawless
  • Baby Skin is £7.99 for 22ml
  • Porefessional is £24.50 for 22ml

I think that even though Baby Skin is a lot cheaper it will never beat the power of POREFESSIONAL. Baby Skin is good for a day to day wear but I know that when I want to look flawless I will definitely be reaching for Benefit's Top Primer! 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

What's on my face?

Today I thought I'd share with you a simple everyday make-up look. This sort of look is perfect for all occasions so read on to find out What's on my face?

Benefit Porefessional - This wonder product has been mentioned a few times here on our little blog but it's because its soooo good! It creates the perfect base to apply your foundation, reduces the appearance of pores and keeps your make-up in place longer. Whats's not to love?

Benefit Big Easy - This is a relatively new launch for benefit, described as 'better than BB' it has a liquid to powder formula and an SPF of 35. It feels light on the skin but covers up any imperfections so this has become my staple summer base. I wear shade 01 fair.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass pressed powder - The S&G powders are by far my favourites! They come in a handy compact complete with sponge and mirror and they don't make the skin look over powdered or cakey. This translucent powder is also great for all skin tones!

Too Faced Natural Eyes palette - This is a new addition to my collection. I actually bought this as a present for my sister's birthday but I liked it too much to give away so had to buy another one! The shades I am wearing silk teddy all over the lid and push-up in the outer corners. 

Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour blush - This is the shade blissful that you would have seen in my Tarte sephora haul! These blushes are amazing and I wear one of the shades every single day!

MaxFactor Clump Defy mascara - this is one of my favourite drugstore mascaras! You can really build it up and it never clumps!

Urban Decay lipstick - This is in the shade 'Fiend' which was another recent purchase. I am IN LOVE with this range of lipsticks, the formula is great and the shade range is sooooo painfully beautifully it makes me want to buy the complete collection.

No7 High Shine Lip gloss - A lovely natural shade with light shimmer, 'whisper' is great for layering up over a bright lippy! It also has SPF 15.

.... and for anyone wondering, because it is clearly the prettiest thing in this post - my make-up bag is from and you can purchase it here.

What do you think of my make-up look? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below...

Linda x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bare Minerals Foundation, Brush and Primer

I have always suffered with oily, spot-prone skin on my face. My skin tone is also quite uneven and I have massive pores. Because of this I like to have quite a full coverage foundation with staying power. I usually use liquid foundation, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, but I find this really hard to remove and it clogs up my skin if I use it every day. 

So I thought I'd try the Bare Minerals range. I've used mineral powder foundations before and generally liked them, but stopped using them because they were expensive/went through my Estee Lauder liquid stage. But because Bare Minerals is meant to be so much better for your skin, and the shopping channel made it look amazing, I splashed out and bought three products:

Now to start with the Primer, they say that 'less is more' with the application, but either way I was not impressed. It did not stop the shine at all! I'm still not convinced as to whether any primer actually does anything at all.

For the foundation: I had to apply quite a lot to get enough coverage and there was a lot of buffing involved. I have to say, that it is worth spending a bit of extra time over as this foundation makes my skin look FLAWLESS. I can't deny it gives it a super smooth, glowing and even tone. (As you can see from the photos below - sorry for the stupid face!)

HOWEVER...this foundation comes off very easily! As soon as I touch my face I get covered in foundation! Also it does not control shine well at all - even though the woman at the counter told me I wouldn't need to reapply it - you definitely do. There is also danger of the foundation sinking into your pores throughout the day instead of hiding them, which happened to me sometimes.

Also the woman told me that this foundation would last 6 months (I thought this was hard to believe), and it in fact only lasted 2 months.

I'd say that the kabuki brush is a good investment buy - it is soft and you can use it for powder and bronzer/blusher too. I think it will last a long time.

Overall this foundation has left me is better for your skin than others and it did seem like my complexion was improving after using it regularly. And it made my skin look so radiant and smooth. Yet the lack of oil control and amount that comes off so easily is a pain. I've since moved back to a liquid foundation but can't help feeling like I miss bare minerals and want the perfect powder finish back!

Have you used this foundation and are there any other mineral powder foundations you can recommend for me that have more staying power?

Ingrid x