Wednesday 27 March 2013

Welcome to The Beauty Hot Squad

Hi and Welcome. 

This is a Blog dedicated to all things beauty. All of the people who are posting articles on here were carefully selected by More! Magazine to be a part of a beauty group called More! Hot 100 where we would mainly discuss our love for beauty. 

Unfortunately More! couldn't run the group any more, so the dedicated members of the group decided to start up a new group, of which we would run ourselves. We then decided to go public and start up this Blog and share our beauty prowess with the world. 

We are a bunch of beauty lovers and we are an eclectic group. With some members specialising in make-up, some in skin care, some in hair and some in just general beauty. 

In this Blog we will be showing different articles which include: 

  • Reviews
  • Save & Splurge
  • How To's 
  • New Products
  • Beauty Tips 
  • Beauty Bargains
  • And Much More. 
Hope you enjoy! Remember to follow us :)