Friday 2 August 2013

Becky's lipstick collection - The Nudes

Hellooooo lovelies. I am a bit of a lipstick hauler, I have more lipsticks than any other type of makeup in my drawers, so here is a little insight into my world of lippies. I've chosen my favourite 6 'nudes', 'pinks' and 'oranges & reds' to show you in three installments.

Here are my favourite nudes:

 These 6 shades are a range of prices and effects as you can see in the swatches below.

1. 17 Mirror Shine in Camisole - this lipstick adds just a touch of a light nude colour to the lips, with a gorgeous gloss effect. It's a lovely lipstick to wear day to day, it is light and not at all sticky. You can find this lipstick at Boots costing £4.79.

2. Rimmel Moisture Review lipstick in Spotlight Beige 910 - This is a more pigmented pink nude colour with a small touch of shine. I love the moisturising effect of this lipstick, it keeps my lips moiturised all day long, I feel like I'm wearing a lip balm! This lipstick is £6.29 and can be found at all major drugstores including Boots.

3. MUA in Bare. This lipstick is a matte, full colour, and as you can see (or hardly see against my skin), deserves it's name 'bare'. It's great for those nights you want to concentrate on your eyes or for a more natural look. Plus with it's £1 price tag, you cannot go wrong picking one up from Superdrug or online in having one in the beauty drawer!

4. 17 Mirror Shine in Beehive. This is a gorgeous light pink adds a touch of glamour, is light on the lips, and it's little pull out mirror in the packaging comes in more than useful on the go! This lipstick lives in my handbag as a light colour can be seen all over the catwalks at the mo. The 17 Mirror Shine Collection comes in at £4.79 per lipstick at Boots.

5. Diego Dalla Palma in shade 165. My little indulgent nude, my Diego Dalla Palma lipstick in 165 (I think it's also known as apricot) is the most gorgeous indulgent brown-pink colour. It is natural, but adds a little darker tone to my lips, gorgeous for a dinner date where you want it to be known you have made an effort, but don't want to look over the top. It is nourishing and the colour lasts hours without flaking or bleeding. It's £19.95 and can be found on the Diego Dalla Palma website.

6. Smooch lipstick in Trufflicious. I have spoken in more depth about this little lipstick here. It's a cute brown that's fairly matte, that suits my naturally dark lips. I think it's a real steal for £7.50 from Smooch. Plus the packaging with the lace pink patterning is just super cute too.

What are your go to nude colours? I'd love to hear what your favourites are - if you've done any blog posts on them I'd love to read them, stick them in the comments below!

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Till next time lovelies!
Becky Xx


  1. Just discovered this blog, love it! Following you guys! I love the MUA lipsticks and really want to try some Rimmel ones!


  2. Just discovered this blog through the facebook North West bloggers group - loving it so far, I just restarted a beauty blog aswell, would appreciate it if you guys check it out! x


    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita