Wednesday 5 June 2013

My milk_shake brings all the boys to the yard!

This week I received a product that I can see myself having a long and sordid love affair with - milk_shake conditioning whipped cream!

200ml £14.79 at milk_shake haircare

  It smells like Vanilla Milkshake, seriously wish I could let you all smell it. It smells divine, like a sweet shop. I have been using it instead of my normal conditioner. I've been washing my hair, towel drying it, giving it a bit of a brush, then putting this bad boy through the ends of my hair. It's just like normal whipped cream, it's in a pressured can so the 200ml tin goes a long way. 

The nozzle is just like a whipped cream tin and it comes out the same. Literally not much pressure is needed to get this amount. I have long thick hair too, so some people wouldn't even need this much. One of the best things about this product is it really cuts down blow drying time which is a major convenience for the girl on the go. 

(Putting the cream in my hair and after 10 mins drying my hair) 

After blow drying it I didn't need to think about styling it as it has left me with straight, shiney, soft and great smelling hair.

  • It smells amazing (can't stress this enough)
  • It cuts down blow drying time down considerably 
  • It's easy to use
  • Doesn't leave your hair feeling dry or sticky


  • It's a little pricey (but I have to defend the price when I say I'm convinced I will get many uses out of this one tin)
Have you tried any milk_shake products? What are your faves? 

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  1. The name is so yummy :D
    loving it am also an addict of straightnin my hairs with every possible way with every possible hair iron but i am a bad lame in doing blow dry :( come to my blog i reviewd about many hair irons or adding alot more .(Came fm UK bloggers )
    follow me i m following you:) via bloglovin n google+

    oh thhe left corner is pretty

  2. Anila, you don't even to be that good at blow drying. I just blasted it on a medium heat with a paddle brush. It works a complete treat, you don't even need to make so much of an effort with it.

    Will follow you :)

  3. Wow thanks for the recommendation it looks like you've actually styled your hair! Might have to be my next splurge x