Thursday 20 June 2013

Sun Allergy Sorted!

A few weeks ago I got a bit too excited about a rare hot, sunny day in Devon by sunbathing in my garden for a good four or five hours with a factor 15 suncream. I have naturally pale skin so inevitably I got very sunburnt - oops! What I wasn't expecting however was that I then developed a horrible allergic reaction by the evening, with really itchy red spots all over my chest, arms and hands. I'm not sure if it was the suncream I was using or it was from the sun, but I think it was a combination of both. This annoying reaction lasted for about a week, it was a nightmare! I had only experienced this condition once before, in France when I was about 11 and I think it was because my skin was not used to the sun at all.

I then began to panic as I'm going to Greece soon for two weeks and the last thing I want is to be suffering with skin problems. As the weather keeps changing, mainly being cold and miserable, my skin won't be used to the hot rays and will probably react again.

I decided I needed to be prepared for my holiday as there's going to be a lot of sun exposure involved!! So I bought Piz Buin Allergy factor 30 suncream, Piz Buin Allergy aftersun lotion, and Piz Buin In Sun Lipstick (just because I thought I may as well go all out!).

Yesterday it was boiling hot - around 25 degrees (though it felt about 30!) so I had the perfect chance to put my new products to the test and see whether I would develop a rash.

I only applied the suncream once, in the morning, and sunbathed for around four or five hours. Because it was so hot I sweated a bit and was worried the suncream would become less effective. But to my delight, I have no sunburn, and NO RASH! YAY.

My skin is absolutely fine, and I even got a light tan. Well, having said that when I woke up this morning my arms were a tiny bit pink, but I applied the aftersun and around twenty mins later they are not pink at all! I'm so pleased and will now be going on my holiday with peace of mind that I won't have a great skin stress. 

The lipstick also smelt nice and is invisible so can be worn underneath another lipstick.

I bought these three products online, mainly off Amazon, as the prices were cheaper than in a shop, ranging from £2.50 to £6.

Now the next worry I have is how to prevent mosquito bites!!

Have you ever experienced a reaction to the sun?


  1. Wow I will have to try this when I go on holiday!! :) x

  2. It's so good! I forgot to say it's really easy to rub in too and non sticky x