Saturday 8 June 2013

Soft as a babies b...

Hey Sweeties!
Have you been enjoying the sun? I have... oh wait, no I haven't - I've been at work.
So I'll admit to popping on the sun bed once or twice, mainly for my skin but lets not lie, the tan is nice, especially when you're missing all the actual sun. My point is? I hear you ask... Well, my point is that I've let my skin get very dry and neglected it to say the least and this products has saved it 100%
Right, back on topic!      
I was lucky enough to be sent the wonder product that is - 'Dr.Organic virgin coconut  oil - moisture melt body oil'. What a name aye?

This product claims to work magic on skin, hair and nails and I'll fess up to being slightly skeptical but after trying it on all three and getting my mum AKA 'momma k' on the case too, all my doubts disappeared.    

To use the product the first thing you have to do is place the bottle in some hot water to melt it just enough to be able to pour the contents, if you don't do this, the product remains rock solid, seriously...
I thought this may be a downer on the product but to be honest I think its worth it for the results and realistically, soaking the bottle for a  minute is hardly tough work, (don't be lazy , Kerri!)         

Results on dry skin
I used  it on my hands to begin with, spending a minute or two rubbing it into my cuticles and around the general hand area, I then decided to go all out and use it on my entire body. I'd like to point out that this product smells SO good which is a HUGE deal to me because I'm a  sucker for a scent.   The oil left me feeling surprisingly 'not-oily' and super soft, smelling pretty and what I can only describe as slightly more radiant? Like my skin had been woken up, if you know what I mean?

That night I applied the oil to my hair (when it was dry), combed it through and as instructed on the box, sat with a towel on my head for about 15-20 minutes. I washed and dried my hair as normal and was very impressed with how silky and glossy my hair felt/looked. The scent sticks but only very lightly so it's not over powering and all in all, I really loved this as a hair treatment especially because my hair didn't feel weighed down or greasy after using it.

Results on wet skin
Not being entirely sure if this product should be used on wet or dry skin momma k decided to give it a go on wet skin/hair.
Whilst in the shower she washed her hair as normal and applied the oil as a conditioner (of course), left for a few minutes then washed it off.
She then used the oil straight after getting out of the shower onto damp skin and let it soak in/dry whilst drying her hair and what not.
The oil left her skin feeling luxuriously smooth and soft and the smell lingered, again only lightly  but enough to notice it. Her hair was also left silky soft and after getting good results from both I think the product works the best on wet hair and skin but is definitely a must have for me now either way.

I give this 10/10 and recommend it for all skin types. LOVE! 

Anyone tried it or know any similar products?

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