Wednesday 19 June 2013

10 Random Facts Tag - Kate Hurn

Hi, it's Kate Hurn here. Following Becky and her 10 Random Facts post. I have decided to do mine. I think it's a great way to get to know the people who are writing on here for our followers. Well here I go..

1. I love to go on holiday, travelling is one of my favourite things. My favourite places are Benidorm and Las Vegas! I love doing my hair and make-up on holiday it's the time I make most of an effort. Holiday hair is my thing!!
2. I have an ever so slight (MASSIVE) addiction to Disney. I own pretty much anything you can think of: DVDs, Blu-Rays, Toys, Clothes, Jewellery, Bedding, Slippers...LOADS!
3. Like most people: I LOVE CAKE. My sister makes the most amazing cakes ever!!
4. I really love collecting Thomas Sabo jewellery. I have 2 bracelets and 1 necklace with about 20 charms to mix and match. My favourite one is my "I Love You" charm off my boyfriend, Lee. 
5. I LOVE MUSIC and going to gigs. My favourite artists are Katy Perry, McFly and Bon Jovi and I have seen them all live. 
6. I have a degree in Advertising and dream of being an entrepreneur. *Alan Sugar Protogée HELLO*
7. I love comfortable shoes, I am not your average girl, I own about 9 pairs of Flossys in different colours.
8. I have an artificial hip, I was one of the youngest hip replacement patients in my local hospital. 
9. I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS!! I am a major foodie, love all foods but I absolutely love Nando's Chicken Wings (thems be me favourite things).
10. Bad Movies are my thing. I love cult classics and things that don't make sense to a lot of people. (ie Virgin Suicides, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim, Rocky Horror etc) 

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Kate H x


  1. I love this tag and learning about other people! I done it too :) xx

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