Friday 21 June 2013

Summer Lovin' - Colour Pop

Summer; the best time to introduce a pop of colour into our lives, right?! Hardly! Not with the summer we're having anyway...
But still, I'm probably not the only one that has taken full advantage of the lighter nights, the warmer days (Every once in a blue moon counts!) and the colour that seems to hit every stand in the shops!
I LOVE adding a pop of colour to an outfit. Wether that be with nails, make-up or an accesory. However Being a Mum and abit conscious of my tummy area, I tend to get stuck in a bit of a rut after winter with my clothing and seen as the 'summer' hasn't been all that great so far, my wardrobe was beginning to get seriously bland! I bought this beautiful blazer for just £8 in Primark a few weeks back, when the sun was rife and since then I haven't been able to stay away from the brights!
Admittedly, my nails are always bright, be that the classic french manicure or some pastel coloured polish, I just personally don't like darker nails on myself. I'm in love with aqua blue shades, especially against tanned skin. I'm not sure the blazer I am so in love with has something to do with that?! I had my nails done professionally for an occasion I attended and chose a coral colour (and lotsa' bling!) and I've been drawn towards the shade since, as it does work quite nicely with my pale skin.
Bottom Left-Nails by Karen Marshall (Hull)
Left to right (top pic)
Revlon Nail Art Neon - 140 Pink Glow
Barry M - Mint Green
Models Own - Utopia
Barry M - Turquoise
Barry M - Peach Melba

Make-up wise, I tend to add a bit of warmth to my base, by going a shade darker with my foundation, or using a darker bronzer. This summer I've opted for a completely different foundation and gone for a warmer shade than I would in the colder months. I've also re-kindled my love for my 'Big beautiful eyes' palete from Benefit and have been using it to create a subtle smokey eyed look for daytime wear. I dont suit colour on my lips so I have opted to go for a nude lip almost every day, instead of the usual clear gloss/balm I would usually apply. At the minute, I am loving MUA'S lippy in shade 14, 'Bare' and Gosh in #134 'Darling'.
From top left
Estee Lauder Double Wear - Desert Beige
MUA Bronzer - Shade 3
MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette - shade 1
Contour Shadow from Benefit 'Big Beautiful Eyes' Palette
Liner Shadow from Benefit 'Big Beautiful Eyes' Palette
MUA Shade 14 'Bare' lipstick
Gosh Shade 134 'Darling' lipstick

The look is finished off with my trusty River Island bag in Coral, which has seen better days to be honest, but I do love it and it is so roomy! My Mum usually complains that the bag and the blazer don't go! Mother, if Cheryl Cole can pull the colour block look off, then why can't I?!
I'm sincerely hoping the sun starts to show it's face on a more regular basis this summer, so I don't have to dust off those dark clothes just yet! I want to continue to don the brights for a little longer!!

Are you rocking the colour pop this season? I'd love to hear your thoughts, leave your comments below!!


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