Monday, 17 June 2013

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Gentle Cleansing Milk

I had never heard of Australian Bodycare until I kindly got sent the Tea Tree Oil Gentle Cleansing Milk to try out.

 The Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Milk can be used to take off make up but I prefer to use it after I have taken my make up off with make up wipes. The cleanser comes in this light green bottle which I like as it's simple and it has a pump. The formulae is a white cream which isn't too thick and glides onto the skin easily, it doesn't feel heavy like some cleansers can. 

I used this cleanser for a week and I have to say it is great for oily/combination skin which is what I have. I have religiously used the Body Shop's tea tree face wash for about a year now and was wary about using something that is similar but a different consistency as the Body Shop one is a gel face wash not a cream cleanser. After removing my make up with Johnson's make up wipes I then used this cleanser to take off all of what may have been left on my skin then washed it off and repeated the cleanse again, I always double cleanse because I find that cleansing just once doesn't actually remove everything from my skin and my skin has felt so much cleaner since doing this. When using this cleanser I apply it with my hands but I suppose you could use it in the same way you would with the Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish or maybe even use it with a Clarisonic if you do have one.

 Tea Tree is known for helping oily skin and also helps to prevent breakouts. This does help with my oily skin and makes me feel fresh. I really would recommend this cleansing milk for people with oily skin, I think if you have dry skin because it has tea tree in it may dry out your skin more but I'm not 100% sure so you would have to try it to find out how it works for you. 
The only thing with this cleanser is it does contain parabens which I do try to avoid so if you are one of those people who does not like to use anything with parabens in at all then this would not be for you but for everyone else you may love it.

The Australian Bodycare range is available to purchase here  - link
and also on feel unique for £11.05 with free delivery.

If you have tried any of the Australian Bodycare range then leave a comment as I'd love to know what your thoughts are :)


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