Sunday 23 June 2013

Faking It

Let me start by saying I don't generally have the greatest relationship with fake tan. My skin is always super dry and more often than not I end up with a really uneven finish and orange feet- not the prettiest look! I was recently sent Fake Bake 60 minutes self- tan liquid and I think I've finally found a tan that actually works for me! I came back off my holidays with the palest of legs and decided I needed to fake it to feel slightly better about my inability to tan.

On the box, Fake Bake claim that this product "builds to a golden glow within 60 minutes", a "bronzed tan" within two hours and a "dark tan" within three, so I put on my rubber gloves and the pretty pink mitt included and got to work. I have very fair skin and I felt that after the first hour was up, it wasn't quite dark enough for me so decided to leave it on for an extra half an hour before popping in the shower and washing it off. I was left with a beautiful, subtle tan that, so far, has lasted almost a week and is still going strong! I know it's summer which is always nicer to skin than the cruel winter but I actually think it really moisturised my legs and I didn't have to moisturise a lot before the application. One thing I do have to say about this product though is that the guide colour could be slightly darker as I had to get in to bright natural light to see where I applied properly. Currently retailing at £24.95, it's not the cheapest of self tanners but if I had it to spare I'd repurchase without a doubt!

So what do you think, would you be willing to give it a go?

Kate A x

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  1. I usually love fake bake so this looks worth a try! I love flawless by them but something quicker is obv. even better.
    Now following. Got your link on south wales bloggers fb.
    Love Aimie x