Saturday, 8 June 2013

Super Eylure Triple Lashes & COLLECTION No Clumps Mascara.

If you read my previous review on the Eylure Naturalites lashes (here), you will know my love for any eye 'enhancments'. I've literally tried it all..Mascaras that promise you 10 x the length, professional individual lashes, lash tints, lash perms, lengthening name it, I've probably tried it. Unfortunately to no avail (of course, some had temporary effect, but that's just not good enough for me!) I always go back to the trusty false lashes and in total honesty, it was beginning to get expensive!

These items landed on my door step today and always the enthusiast I wanted to try right away! I've had my eye (no pun intended!) on the Triple lashes by Eylure since they were released early April, but I have to admit, they scared the hell out of me upon first look, just look how full and thick they are!!  The mascara I wasn't so excited about. 'Collection' is known as a budget brand and priced at just £2.99 I wasn't hopeful about this 'No Clumps' mascara. However, I was soon to be proved very wrong indeed!

As you can see, my own lashes are very short and lack natural curl.

Although the packaging of this mascara is quite plain, I love how striking the red is and I certainly won't have to search for a long time trying to find this among other products in my makeup bag! The plastic comb wand is possibly my favourite to use as the tiny little teeth grab even the smallest of my eyelashes. I applied two coats of this mascara and was so pleasantly surprised to find I had beautifully defined lashes which had a lovely curl to them, giving the impression they are super long promised - NO clumps!!

Although a really great defining mascara, especially at such a bargainous price, I always want that little bit more! More fullness, more thickness so I'm always pulled back to the false eyelashes! There are so many different types available on the market its sometimes impossible to choose. As earlier mentioned I'd had my eye on these for a short while as I knew I'd be guaranteed exactly what I look for.

I was slightly disappointed with the application of these lashes. The band is slightly thicker (which is to be expected!) than the last ones I tried so applying them was slightly more fiddly and took a little longer.
The overall look was definitely as promised. I absolutely love how they fan out at the outer edge, beautiful! Curl on these lashes is great, though I do feel were they not so 'heavy' the curl would be more obvious. They were very comfortable to wear considering and didn't weigh my eyes down at all, which I was expecting due to the sheer volume and density the lashes have! However I think you'll agree these lashes are not for every day wear, I certainly couldn't pull these off going for a walk to the shop, or taking my daughter to the park!
Eylure Triple Lashes will be perfect for someone who really loves statement eyes for glam nights out, they will blow everyone away. You could also use these as a part of a fancy dress outfit (keep your eyes peeled for the lovely Lucy's post in a few weeks time when she wears hers to a fancy dress party!) 

Have you tried the Triple lashes or do you intend on grabbing the No clumps mascara when it is released? Leave your comments below!
You can purchase the Eylure triple lashes here and the No clumps mascara will be available to buy here when it is released.


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