Monday 29 July 2013

Rapid Shield Eyelash Daily Conditioner: Part 1

I have heard so many good things about the Rapid Lash so when I got the chance to try the Rapid Shield Eyelash Daily Conditioner I obviously jumped at the chance. 
Now there is a difference between the Rapid Lash and the Rapid Shield, The Rapid Lash from what I have heard and saw helps your lashes grow whereas the Rapid Shield is a conditioner that improves the overall appearance of your lashes and conditions them. 

According to what is said on the box 
The Rapid Shield helps protect, prime and refresh eyelashes.
'This daily conditioning treatment created with a highly beneficial Hexatein3 complex helps shield and protect lashes during the day, while delivering nourishment and conditioning benefits. Ideal to prime and prep lashes, boost appearance of volume, and give flawless shine and sheen! Lashes will appear more conditioned with improved definition and luster.'

The applicator is basically like a mascara wand, you apply this to your upper and lower lashes like you would a mascara, it can be used alone as a conditioner on clean lashes, and under make-up as a primer, or over mascara as a refresher to facilitate reapplication of make-up. 
It is also safe for contact lens wearers which is good. 

- 89% of women reported immediate improvement in appearance of lash definition, shine and sheen.
- 96% of women reported improvement in condition and overall appearance of lashes in just 2 weeks.

Now I have only used the Rapid Shield twice so far, both times under my mascara and what I have noticed so far is that it helps keep a curl in my lashes but that is all so far. I am going to try this out for 2 weeks and then I will write a post at the end of those 2 weeks letting you know how I have got on and before and after pictures, Don't forget to check back for that.


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