Wednesday 3 July 2013

Festival Hair

With Glastonbury just gone and many more festivals and outdoor concerts to come I am doing a post on simple but pretty ways to do your hair, I will also show you ways to get more than one days wear out of a style. If you work your way to the front you may be caught on camera and if this happens you want to look your very best whilst belting out your favourite band's songs.

My philosophy on festival hair is keep it simple. There are 3 essentials you must pack to prepare your hair for festival rowdyness. I will be showing 3 styles which will stand the test of time at a festival. 

  1. Dry Shampoo
  2. Bobby Pins
  3. Hairspray
Braids and Boho Waves

An easy solution to keeping your hair looking good and give you a few days wear (with the help of a little dry shampoo) is braiding your hair into 2 plaits. If you braid it tight at home, a little spray of hairspray, then that will keep for a few days. After 1-2 days of wear you can release the plaits and you will have beachy waves which will rival the celebs. The waves can then be styled in anyway you want. I love putting it into a side pony wrapping my fringe back and rolling all my hair to the side securing it with bobby pins.

The Top Knot

A top knot is the new ballerina bun. It's less primp and proper and less hassle all you need is a hair bobble and some bobby pins.

  1. Straighten Hair (Before you go to the festival obvs!) 
  2. Using a hair bobble (preferably the same colour as your hair) put your hair into a sleek ponytail on the crown of your head.
  3. Start to wrap your hair around the ponytail and pin it down using bobby pins.
  4. Repeat until all hair is wrapped up and it's in a bun. Voila!
  5. Add a hair accessory for a pop of colour. (This particular scrunchie can be found in Claire's accessories.)

Braided Headband

I learnt how to do this by basically watching tutorials on YouTube and copying what I saw, it's just like braiding but only in a small section with your head tilted. This looks good and keeps the front hair away from your face so you can just woosh your head about and dance. Best part is you can do the previous styles shown to accompany it. I personally prefer a braided headband with straight hair but straight hair is a luxury at a festival.

Hair Tip: Pretty hair accessories are so cute for this look especially flowers which are big in for 2013. Claires Accessories has some really cute hair accessories from as little as £1.

Some more of my favourite hairstyles for outdoor events

(L-R) Braided Crown, GHD Curls, Braided Headband, Half-Up Half-Down, Floral Braided headband with straight hair.

Do you have any essential hairstyles for outdoor concerts or festivals, let me know. If you want any more thorough tutorials then just leave a comment below.

Keep an eye out later in the week for Festival Make-Up!! 

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