Monday 15 July 2013

LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask Review

On a recent visit to Lush I decided to treat myself to a few bits I have had my eye on for a while, one of those things was their Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask.

Love Lettuce is made with a seaweed gel containing honey and almond oil to nourish the skin. It also contains Kaolin (a natural soft clay) to deep clean and tighten the skin. In addition to all that goodness, there are also ground almonds and ground almond shells mixed into the mask so that when you are washing the mask off, you can work it into your skin and it acts as an exfoliator.

This mask is made with fresh ingredients and needs to be kept in the fridge so it was very cold to apply to the face which I found to be lovely and refreshing. I left it on for around 10 minutes and although the mask did dry, I didn’t find it was too tight on my skin (like I find with other clay masks) and it didn’t crack at all. When it came to removing the mask I simply added a small bit of water and gently exfoliated my skin. The ground almond shells act as a really good natural exfoliant as they are somehow rough enough to give a good scrub and yet gentle at the same time, so they don’t damage the skin. After exfoliating for a couple of minutes, I removed the remainder of the mask using a wet flannel.

My skin felt really smooth and refreshed after using this mask and I could still feel the results the next morning which was really lovely. I also feel like I didn’t even make much of a dent in the pot so this mask would definitely last a long time if it wasn’t for the 4 weeks shelf life (because of the fresh ingredients). Using it once a week I definitely wouldn’t finish the pot in this time so looks like I’m going to have to up my number of pamper sessions. Oh it’s a hard life…

You can purchase Love Lettuce fresh face mask for £5.95 from any Lush store, or from their website.

Have you tried any Lush Fresh Face Masks before? What do you think of the Love Lettuce mask? Let me know in the comments bellow….

Linda x


  1. This looks lovely! I have tried Cupcake & Cosmetic Warrior and they are both great for clearing up my skin, and I agree with you about how refreshing these are when you apply them after taking them out of the fridge :D x

    Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank You, Cosmetic Warrior is next on my hit list! :) x