Saturday 6 July 2013

10 Random Facts - Rachel

Following on from the other girls I thought I'd do my 10 random facts post so you can all learn a little bit more about me!

 1) I'm a real animal lover and I have a pet dog called Buster who is my world (I love him far more than I could ever love any man!) and a pet goldfish named Orville who I've had for almost 5 years now.

2) I really love nail polish, especially Barry M. I just can't resist all the new colours and glitters and recently spent £26 on a special box to store my precious polishes in!

3) I'm studying Fashion Management at uni and my ambition is to work as a journalist or in marketing at a fashion head office in London.

4) My favourite place to shop is Zara and I could honestly buy all of their handbags.

5) I first got into make-up and hair because I was picked on at school and the other kids used to say I looked like a boy so I decided that I wanted to become Barbie! Their hurtful comments gave me my greatest passion and hobby.

6) I really love magic. Geeky but true. I'd marry Dynamo right now if he asked me.

7) Comfort eating is my worst habit. I can't resist turning to chocolate in times of sadness or just pure boredom!

8) I'm really messy. I'd love to be organised and have one of those neat minimalist rooms but I just attract clutter and mess.

9) I used to dance a lot before I went to uni and I really miss it.

10) I'm desperate to grow my hair but it just keeps breaking because I bleach it and straighten in too much.

You can see more of me here on my personal blog

Rach xx

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