Thursday 25 July 2013

Miss Flicklash by eylure ~ Burlesque edition!

 Hey Sweeties! 
I've been a lucky girl today as in my post this morning I received some 'miss flicklash by eylure' lashes! 
They are truly b.e.a.utiful before I say anything else, not to mention super easy to apply AND they take the hassle out of the dreaded 'one flick is longer/thicker than the other' drama I deal with every day.
Miss Flicklash RRP £6.50 by Eylure is available now from Boots and online at 

These lashes are fantastic to use every day as they basically do your eye makeup for you whilst making it look like you've really tried, but for this post, I have used them to create quite a dramatic look.
So here we go, my Christina Aguilera  - Burlesque inspired makeup.

Eyes first with makeup like this, girls!
Clean face - Apply concealer around the eye area, lids, up to brows. 
Taking a flat brush I applied a cream shadow by Benefit, a very light pinky tone, all over the eye area.
To intensify and lock the colour in I then patted shade 12 from the MUA Immaculate Collection palette over the top. I applied a very thin, soft line with pencil liner right in the crease and blended and to finish off the shadow for now I buffed shade 2 from the same palette slightly above the crease to add some definition.

Starting the sort of 'cut crease' Christina has in the picture, I used a pencil liner to lightly draw the line above my crease, building the colour until I was happy with the shape and intensity, then using an eyebrow brush (any angled brush works) with some black shadow, went over the line pulling it out slightly at the outer corners of my eyes.

line before blending and shadow.

Liner blended with black shadow and eyebrow brush. (angled brush).

Keeping the liner very round, I applied a reasonably thick line with liquid liner on the top lash line but didn't add a flick.
This is where the lashes come in...

Apply the glue to the lashes, let the glue go tacky and then apply, making sure the flick is in the desired place before really pushing them down. I found they were incredibly easy to apply and the flicks sat in the same place perfectly on both eyes without any 'faffing'. 

The flick is subtle but works wonderfully for this look. the whole lash has liner already so you don't even have to apply liquid liner before hand and they look perfect.

To create a brighter look on the lid I packed on some benefit cream shadow in 'static', this also neatened the line above my crease.
I topped up my liquid liner to make it sharp and that's pretty much it for the lids but i'll come back to the eyes in a moment!
I didn't apply mascara to the lashes but I did have some on my real lashes already.

Before working on the under eye, I applied foundation with a fairly heavy coverage, concealer under the eyes and then a light pink blush (ice pop - new CID), apply powder and the face is done.
Back to eyes...

Using liquid liner I drew a thin black line quite close to the lower lash line right from the inner to the outer corner and flicked it out to create a double flick - very Cleopatra.  I also drew some fake bottom corner lashes, does that make sense? aha.

Last step is the red lips, I don't have the perfect colour to recommend for this look but any pink/red looks lovely and make sure to use a lip liner to really define the cupids bow.
Don't forget the beauty mark on the cheek bone!
And we're done!

Did I use enough makeup brushes?

This is a slightly toned down version of the look :)
Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share your burlesque inspired looks! :)

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