Wednesday 26 June 2013

Red Hot Buffet - Blog and Social Media 7 Course Bonanza!

Yesterday (25/06/13) I attended a Chef's Table event in Liverpool ONE's fabulous Red Hot World Buffet. This consisted of 7 YES 7! courses brought out by the head chef and a little explanation about it. As this is a beauty blog I am also going to say what I thought would be the perfect look for this type of soiree. 

My prep began about 3pm - I had washed my hair earlier and just let it dry naturally, my plan was some extravagant plait, but I saw how glorious the weather was and opted for an up-do. I give you, "The Messy Ballerina Bun":

My reasoning behind this was, it was warm so it kept my hair off my neck, I'd be walking in the wind so having my hair down would have meant DISASTER and it looked pretty cute. To do this I put my hair into a high ponytail and wrapped sections around and pinning the hair into place with bobbypins I got about 500 of from B&M. 

My make-up I wanted to keep fairly simple, I had to keep thinking about going to a restaurant where it is open plan kitchen where the chefs are doing show-cooking as well as normal preparing the glorious food so it is warm, didn't want to melt haha. I went for a natural base using Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, Rimmel Match Perfection Powder Foundation. For a little colour I used Soap & Glory Solar Powder for an all over shimmer and for some colour and highlight in my cheeks I used Benefit's Posie Tint and That Gal. For my eyes I used a Collection Eyeliner, GOSH Growth Mascara and a Silver and a Blue from Soap & Glory's eyeshadow palette "Tricks of the Shade". I also used Soap & Glory's Archery Brow Crayon and Tint on my eyebrows, this is my new best friend because I didn't realise how much a difference filling my eyebrows in would make to my face. 

With my little red dress on, sunnies at the ready and a spritz of Katy Perry Meow, I was ready to start my eating bonanza. 

The Red Hot World Buffet began in Nottingham in 2004, the whole concept of the restaurant is that it is a buffet with tastes of the whole world with not only all you can eat but fantastic show cooking with the food freshly prepared before your eyes. In one sentence I would describe this as: "Around the World in 80 Meals". 

It is very luxurious inside with sleek blacks and red. Absolutely spotless, my type of place. The smells from the buffet aren't overwhelming each other and each section is perfectly spaced. I did not have to go up the buffet, I had the extraordinary experience of dining at the table with the chef's preparing a set menu which sampled the most diverse range of foods from sushi to pancakes.

I tweeted along with the tag @RedHotWldBuffet and the Hashtag #RedHotChefsTable

We started with some perfectly prepared Sushi. Hand Rolled Salmon Sushi with Avocado and Mango as a Vegetarian Option. It was delicious, much more luxurious than the sushi I had tasted before and presented beautifully.

This was then followed by one of my favourites Potato Tikki which is a traditional Indian street food dish. I love Indian food so this was right up my alley! Again presented beautifully with a small mixed salad and pomegranate. This definitely sent my tastebuds EXPLODING!

The next dish I wasn't fussy on, I'm not a huge seafood fan but I could think of a lot of people who would love this dish. Seafood Risotto with Salmon, if you love prawns then this is the dish for you. For the veggies, which was a dish I surprisingly enjoyed, was a rice bowl filled with an asparagus and sundried tomato salad, very yummy indeed!

After this was probably my favourite dish of the night and I will be going back for a lot more of this. Chicken Teppenyaki! Delicious, the sauce was fantastic and the chicken so moist. I highly recommend this dish, it's sweet but not sickly with glorious rich flavours that burst throughout the dish.

You'd think I would be full by now, you'd be wrong. A quick palate cleanser of delicious raspberry sorbet to get us ready for the desserts, yes plural! I'd never had a palate cleanser before but used my movie knowledge from Pretty Woman not to scoff it down.

The desserts! Oh the desserts! I had heard that the desserts in this place were phenomenal, they were not wrong at all. We got a choice of Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate pancakes and the sweet monster in me came out and I just said "Can I have all 3?". So I did, I had to have 2 plates to hold my order, god I'm greedy. Any way, the pancakes were delicious and light and the toppings not overbearing or sickly. 

After the dessert we had Petit Fours and what I had learned from all my years of watching food shows is that Petit Fours are basically bitesize desserts, there was 3 listed - Mini Créme Brulée, Chocolate Brownie and Cheesecake. The chefs at Red Hot must have massive bites because these were splendidly large for Petit Fours. An excellent surprise which I welcomed with my spoon in hand. The chocolate brownie with nuts and a slice of luxury chocolate, The creme brulee with the perfect crack on the top with a caramel toulle biscuit and the cheesecake with cherries and gold leaf, this felt like what kings and queens would order it was so delicious and so lovingly prepared it felt like completely luxury. Obviously one of my favourite courses. 

To wash it down I was allowed to order any drinks I wanted. The manager pointed out the Red Hot Signature Cocktail, with fresh peaches and schnapps and cointreau, oh I had to order not just one but a few. It was so delicious and like the desserts it wasn't overbearingly sweet and really quenched my thirst.

All these dishes mentioned are available on the Buffet and available to be prepared especially for you at Red Hot World Buffet's all over the country.  Red Hot World Buffet's can be found in: Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Nottingham. It's well worth a try. 

Until the end of June Red Hot have an exclusive offer for money off their fabulous menus. Just go to:

Remember to follow Red Hot on Facebook and Twitter and check out their website for info on menus and special offers coming your way.

I want to thank Fiona White for inviting me to my first event and giving me the chance to talk with such lovely like-minded people. 

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  1. You can't beat a bit of food porn! Lovely blog post and I'm even more jealous that you were in L1- my favourite place EVER!

  2. I live like 15 mins away from it. I work in Primark in Liverpool!! :) x