Friday 26 July 2013

Linda's Summer Essentials

Today I will be sharing with you my essential products for the summer season....


Not the most glamorous item but in the summer you need extra protection and the best product for the job is Dove Maximum protection anti-perspirant deodorant. I’m not sure about the science behind this product, but it is the most effective deodorant I have ever used. Even on the hottest days my underarms have remained sweat free! Definitely worth the £5.30 price tag. I use two clicks under each arm and follow with my regular dove spray deodorant on top for extra protection and will continue to do so for the rest of the summer as this really is a winning combination!

Primer / Setting Spray

Getting your make-up to stay in place in this heat isn’t the easiest of tasks, but I have found Benefit’s Stay Flawless Primer a miracle worker. I won’t go too much into detail about this product as you can read full review here, but I absolutely love it. I will quickly mention that it claims to keep your make-up in place for up to 15 hours, and under regular conditions it does a really good job at living up to those claims but in this heat the wear time is significantly less (on me anyway). I would say around 8 hours is the most you would get from it, but it’s still far more impressive than any other primer and 8 hours is good enough for me! To get that extra bit of longevity I use Urban Decays's all nighter setting spray on top of my make-up and these two products together make another winning combination :)

Facial Spritz / Toning Water

I have a few products that fit into this category but I will just talk about the two I’ve been reaching for more frequently. LUSH's Eau Roma Water Spray is kept in the fridge and has the most refreshing feeling for your skin which is amazing when you need an instant 'pick me up'. Anatomicals 'spray misty for me' facial spritz came in this months Glossy Box (full review here) and I’ve been carrying this around in my bag for when I need a spritz on the go. Both products smell quite similar, with strong hints of Lavender which is lovely and relaxing and these items are perfect for the summer weather!


The most important Summer essential is SPF – I like to carry these little travel tubs around with me as its so convenient and I can reapply throughout the day. I don't have much else to say about this product but I always use factor 50 because I’m super pale and burn really easily. This Garnier SPF is great because it can be used on face and body, it is water resistant and isn't sticky or greasy on the skin!


For me the summer is all about the beach wave hair, and I naturally have very thick straight hair so getting it to do anything other than be straight is quite difficult. I use a few different products to achieve my beach wave look but the two I've found to give my hair the best results are Tresemme's Texture Style Tousled Wave Spray and L’oreal's Play Ball beach fizz - these work especially well when used together and ensure the waves stay put all day! 

Here is a picture of these products working their magic in my hair:

And there you have my top summer essentials, have you tried any of the products mentioned? What are your summer essentials?

Let me know...

Linda x

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