Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Impress Press - On Manicure

Since the Impress Press - On Manicure Nail's first came out I have wanted to try them but never got round to actually buying some. I kindly got sent two packs of the nails recently and I could not wait to try them out.

I was sent '100 Ecstatic Cling' which are a hot pink colour and 'D100 Dancing Queen' which are zebra print. The first ones I decided to try out where the pink ones, now I have to admit I did think that these ones would look tacky as they are a really bright pink but when applied they looked great against my tan (I tanned after applying them) and not tacky in the slightest, I loved them.

The nails are stored in this lovely case which looks like a nail varnish bottle, I do like this as it's interesting and gives something different to how other nails usually look when they are just packaged in a box. You take off the screw on top and the rest of the nails are underneath the nails in the tray. There are 24 nail covers and 12 different sizes, now this is where I became worried because the nails didn't look very big and I have wide thumbs, I found a nail to fit each of my own nails and the largest one did fit my thumb but there was tiny gaps at the sides, this didn't really bother me as it wasn't that noticeable. 

In the box was also a prep pad which you use on your nails before you apply the impress nails and a small nail file which comes in very handy. The nails each have clear adhesive on the back which you peel off and underneath that is the glue.

On the back of the packaging it does tell you how to apply the nails and also how to remove them and has pictures to show you exactly how which is great. To apply the nails first you -
1. Match the size of the nails to suit you
2. Remove the adhesive tab
3. Press on to your natural nail
it does say on the instructions to use the prep pad on your nails before applying the impress nails too. 

I did everything that was said on the box when applying the nails apart from I didn't use the prep pad I just roughed up my nails a bit so that they would stick better. Instantly I found that they stuck really well to my nails although there didn't seem much glue on them, I'm not sure if that's what they where meant to be like or not but after 2 hours one of the nails did drop off and within 5 hours a few more where coming loose so in the end I ended up having to remove the rest that where left which was a shame because they looked really nice. I think that maybe they didn't stay on for very long either because I didn't use the prep pad or because their wasn't much glue on them but other than that they where really nice nails. 

Unfortunately I could not use the zebra print nails because their wasn't a size big enough to fit my thumb, the size's of the biggest nails in the pack where much different to the pink set, the largest one was nowhere near my thumb size which was disappointing as they are lovely patterned nails. 

I would recommend these nails maybe for if you are going to an event or a night out but not just for general wear as I can't see them lasting long on the nails although that may just be me, they may last on others much longer. It would be better if there where more sizes available. I am very tempted to buy another set of the pink ones to try again and to wear for when I go out as they where nice. 

The Impress Press-On Manicure sets are available to buy from Boots and Superdrug 
The prices vary depending on where you buy them from but only by a pound or two. 

If you have tried any of the Impress Press - On Manicure sets or are going to then do let me know in a comment below :)

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