Thursday 11 July 2013

10 Random Facts- Kate A

As a (slightly late) follow up to the other girls' posts, I'm finally getting up a few facts about myself. When I started this post I had no idea I would actually have to narrow points down, but I could go on and on!

1. I graduated last year with a degree in Psychology and Forensic Science- one of the most interesting yet gruesome courses you can find.

2. I'm the eldest of four girls. Poor Dad!

3. I dream of travelling the world, and it's something I don't want to let pass me by.

4. I'm a huge film music fan. A film can be terrible but if the score is great on it I'm sold.

5. I played cello for over ten years of my life, and sometimes now if I get really stressed I'll bring it back out to relax me.

6. I'm really obsessed with owls. If I just look around me now I can see fifteen owl- related homeware/ jewellery pieces!

7. I'm a tall lady, I used to despise it but I'm slowly getting used to being able to see over the crowds and enjoying it. It's impossible to find a decent pair of trousers though!

8. I'm a bit of a fashion junkie, the first thing I do when I open my laptop of a morning is check through the New In pages of all the online shops and I love using my tumblr for inspiration.

9. I am on a real mission to find a miracle hair product that will mean soft shiny hair with zero frizz, I will find it some day!

10. I can spend hours on YouTube listening to new and old music and watching kittens and kids.

So there's my 10 facts, check out the other girls' posts to learn more about the squad and don't forget to follow us on bloglovin'!

Kate A x

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  1. Regarding Number 9 - milk_shake leave in conditioner

    BEST Product I've ever used. It tames my frizz amazingly and lasts ages!! I love it and I have recommended it to so many people. It's sooo good! :) x