Sunday 19 October 2014

Summer Hair Heroes

This Summer has been a complete whirlwind with my hair. From cutting my long locks off and reverting back to my natural colour to try and improve the health of my hair. I've also been trying a multitude of different products over the summer. I've had 3 Shampoo and Conditioning rituals which have really made a difference. Now's time to prepare my hair for winter which is a completely different post to this so keep an eye out. 

My first one is Aussie's Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner (Bought on offer in Costco for £9.50 for both (massive bottles) but usually available in Boot's 3 for 2 or 3 for £10 offers). This was perfect to start off the Summer when it was hotter in late June, early July because that's when my hair was drying out a little. I noticed that the Aussie did strip some of my colour off my hair so wouldn't recommend this to people who have recently dyed their hair red or brown. It smells amazing like Bubblegum and it left a really distinctive shine on my hair.

Next up is natural brand A'Kin. I was kindly sent these to try out and because my scalp has been really sensitive over the transition from red head to brunette to natural mousey tones and these were perfect. The bottle of Macadamia and Wheat Protein Conditioner (£10 225ml) didn't last very long but it was very very good. With natural wheat proteins it really strengthened my hair really well. The very gently shampoo (£18 for 500ml)has no smell and it's great for sensitive scalps. I use it when my fringe can do with a bit of a wash because it's kind on my forehead skin. The packaging for these is really organic.

Finally my fave. TIGI's Bed Head Recharge for Dull Hair. It has definitely put a shine back in my hair that the others couldn't. After use it feels like I've had my hair washed and blown in the salon. They use this in my hairdressers and when I had some spare cash and I seen them in TK Maxx I thought, "Why not?". Boy am I glad I did make the purchase that day. It worked out at £22 for the both but found them cheaper on Feel Unique and these are 750ml Bottle, they are MAHOOSIVE!

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