Tuesday 30 July 2013

Do you Believe in Magic - Witch Hazel!!

On this review I will be talking about my new love for Witch. I have had problem skin since February this year. I've been getting constant blemishes on my cheeks and these can often be red and sore. I received 2 products that were meant to help me combat my blemishes. I had been advised that used together they would help clear my skin of blemishy bandits. 

First of all I know people say "Oh I have problem skin, my skin is awful" but really, my skin has been a wreck. Below is a picture I taken to show how bad my skin was actually looking. It was spotty and patchy - NOT GOOD

First product was Witch Blemish Stick 10g - £1.93 Boots

"The ultimate in blemish control, award winning Witch Blemish Stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots, making it the perfect targeted treatment for when a blemish makes an appearance." - Witch Skincare Official Website

What I like about it, is that it starts working right away. It's great because it's so small that if I feel like my face isn't up to much one day I can chuck it in my bag for a mid-day top up. I love the smell of it, it's so fresh and clean. You don't have to use this sparingly, just use it when you feel. 

The second product was Anti-Blemish BB Beauty Balm. 50ml - £4.66 Boots

"Witch Anti-blemish Beauty Balm’s clever, multi-action formula, is designed to boost your natural beauty and deliver flawless looking skin" - Witch Skincare Official Website

This product is great because it not only covers imperfections it helps target them. It's a peachy pink formula that gives medium coverage and is light on the skin. Can be worn as an alternative to a liquid foundation, it has SPF 12 in it which is good because it's sort of like a concealer/moisturiser it's good to wear on holiday instead of any heave make up. It's oil and fragrance free, it's really gentle to skin. 

My Skin is now starting to even out a little bit and is looking and feeling so fresh and clean after using these products. 

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  1. Oh my I really, really, REALLY want to try this! Where do you buy these? Your skin is not that bad - or maybe it's just that mine marks when I break out? I have crazy allergies and NOTHING works for me :( Do you think this might?

  2. My skin is awful and blotchy. These are only available in the UK. But Witch Hazel can be found in lots of products :)

  3. I love this brand too! I love their cleanser and spot stick and also their primer and it has really helped to clear my skin up :) xo

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