Monday 29 July 2013

Miss Flicklash by Eylure - Audrey Hepburn inspired look

I have to start off by saying Wow! Because these lashes really are amazing.
Now I'm not one for really wearing false lashes, I use to at one point wear them everyday for a few months but to be honest I'm not keen on wearing them now but recently I got the chance to try out the new lashes that Eylure have recently brought out called 'Miss Flicklash'.

 'The false lashes with the built in eye liner flick' 
These lashes really do look like you have eye liner on. I have to admit before they arrived I did think to myself that it wouldn't look like eyeliner, I don't know why I thought this as Eylure is a brand that's never let me down before and they honestly have the best lashes. 

You apply the lashes as you would any other lashes and the flick at the end already has some stick to it so you wouldn't need to put glue on that unless you where to reuse them again then you may need just a tiny bit on there. They are really simple and easy to apply, saying that I've never had any problems with applying lashes I have always found them really easy to apply and can get them on within a minute but I would say that for people who aren't use to applying lashes or find it difficult these will be great for you along with all the other lashes that Eylure do. I wanted to do an Audrey Hepburn inspired look so I decided to go for the 107F lashes as they look like the style that she would of worn.

 This is the Audrey Hepburn look that I was inspired to do, now I look nothing like Audrey Hepburn but I tried my best to incorporate this make-up look of hers onto me. I chose to do a Audrey Hepburn look as I love the way she looks, I especially love her thick brows.

Here is my Audrey Hepburn inspired make-up look.
My base, eye make-up and brows are my everyday make-up so I already had this on prior to doing this look and they are what I wanted to use for this look anyway. I just bronzed up my face slightly with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, neatened up my brows with the HD Brows Palette and added a red lip. 

I really enjoyed doing this make-up look and I think that the Miss Flicklash lashes are amazing! I will definitely wear them again for maybe a party or something like that but I think for everyday I would probably get the ones out of the Miss Flicklash range that aren't as thick as they are quite thick and a bit too much for everyday, for me anyway. 

The lashes are £6.50 and are available to buy from Boots and also the Eylure website. 

I'd love to know if you have tried these lashes and what are your thoughts on them.

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