Thursday 27 June 2013

W7 Product Review and a Look for Pale Skin

I was recently sent some lovely W7 makeup to review, comprising of:
The 12 Piece Professional Brush Set in Faux Leather Wallet: £8.99
The Silky Eyes Baked Shadows - Shades of Brown: £2.99
and The Just Brows Waterproof Brow Pen - in Brown: £2.99
(prices from
Using these products I am going to create a versatile look for pale skin and blue/green eyes.

This impressive set contains all the makeup brushes you would ever need, including ones for powder, blush, foundation, concealer, angled eyeshadow, pointed liner, flat eyeliner, eyebrow, lip and lash definer.

As you can see above there is a handy plastic shield you can fold over to protect the brushes when you close the wallet.

The brushes are well shaped, soft and are of a nice quality.
I am also very pleased with the colours of the eyeshadows (pictured below) and even more impressed with the brow pen...

This is why: below are my natural eyebrows - very pale and thin. I was worried that the brow pen would make my eyebrows too dark and unnatural looking, but I was pleasantly surprised!

My eyebrows look defined, natural and are a nice colour! Also the pen was so quick and easy to apply.

Using the medium sized eyeshadow brush from the set, I applied the white eyeshadow which gives a nice glow, perfect for hightlighting the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the eyebrows. The two different eyeshadow shades of brown are great for the eye sockets - I used the darker brown on the outer corners, then blended it into the lighter brown in the middle of the eyelid. The pink eyeshadow is the only one which doesn't really show up and is quite unnoticeable - so maybe could be used for a barely-there makeup look.

This is a very wearable look for either day or night and makes blue/green or grey eyes really stand out.

Below is the finished look. I used the lip brush in the set to paint on a light pink lipstick and the blusher to add a very subtle hint of colour to my cheeks. I am really pleased with how natural my eyebrows look and love the fact that they stayed on all day without smudging - unlike when I use an eyebrow pencil which often starts to rub off.

This look is great for pale skin - it accentuates your features and by subtle use of makeup and making the colour in your eyes pop you avoid a washed-out appearance. I will definitely be using these W7 products regularly! :)

To find out more about the brilliant and affordable W7 cosmetics head to:

Have you used any W7 products before? What did you think of them?

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