Monday 17 June 2013

Beauty Icons 2: My Love for Millie Mackintosh

After Kate's blog post about Katy Perry, I thought I'd share with you my beauty icon, Millie Mackintosh. After jetting onto our screens in September 2011 through Made In Chelsea, we've seen Millie have tantrums, tears, and of course apply that very satisfying slap to Spencer Matthews' face. Through all of it, she's always looked stunning with her flawless skin and gorgeous makeup.

I think I initially loved and felt like I could relate to Millie when MIC started because she's the tall one in her friendship group at 5ft 8" and she's still not afraid to wear six inch heels. I'm 5ft 10" and the majority of my friends are a lot shorter; there is one HIDEOUS photo of me with two of them as I was about to go out, I'd put my heels on and they hadn't. Genuinely, they didn't even reach my shoulders and I look like their mother in that photo, but anyway I digress.

I was in awe with not only her ability to embrace her height and look awesome, but to also always have a perfect face all of the time! How did she do it? Well Millie's a MUA in her own right, no wonder she always looks gorgeous. I'd love for her to do my make up! When scrolling through google there is not one bad picture of her. I'm jealous. I'm not even in the public eye and half the pictures on my Facebook alone I'd rather not be cemented on the internet forever!

Millie's June 11th look from her blog
She's all about eyes; lashes and top-liner, flawless golden skin, gorgeous hair and that pout. On paper it should be easy to look as beautiful as her, but it's just not! I'm going to pop up a tutorial on this weekend on how to get a Millie look for yourself so keep an eye. Millie's also brought out her own range of eyelashes, including a new set  for this summer as a collaboration with St Tropez cementing her name not only in the beauty world, but also in the business world. Is there nothing she can't conquer?!

These are Millie's own range of lashes which you can purchase from Nouveau Beauty for £8.99. I'm personally desperate to try the Soho lashes, they look perfect for a night out, a little boost in volume without going too far. This is what I love about Millie, her make up is natural and beautiful. She makes it look like she's got hardly anything on, tricks you into thinking her pout needs no help, that her lashes are naturally so voluminous and full. Perhaps the fact her range of lashes are made with natural hair makes a difference?

Millie Mackintosh says, "It's no secret that I'm a complete beauty addict, and so designing my own range of lashes was a dream come true. My lashes are unique in that they are 100% natural hair, and the extra mild adhesive means that you can commit the cardinal sin of forgetting to take them off and still wake up looking gorgeous!" (Quote taken from

This summer brings the release of a new set of lashes with St Tropez. These lashes are heat and water resistant which is a feature I love! Hopefully this means no more horrific moments when you're dancing away and the glue on your lashes has melted, leaving you with a hairy caterpillar half way off your eye (don't lie girls, we've all been there) and you're manically in the loo trying to push it back into place. They also come in a set with one full lash set and one half lash set, for you to chop, change and add together as you please! This means one pack of lashes, potentially three looks. Each pack comes in at £12.95 again from Nouveau Beauty, but with 3 looks to be had, it works out at just over £4 a look, not bad!

I'm desperate to give these lashes a go, I'm thinking I should treat myself. What do you think?

I'd also love to know who all your style icons are, let me know in the comments box below and keep an eye out for my Millie tutorial over the weekend!

Becky Xx

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  1. These lashes look so great!

    I always struggle to find the perfect lashes, because my eyes are quite big, but these are a great range and look really good for all kinds of eyes! :)

    She is gorgeous, sadly I cannot relate to her being tall, as im the shortest in my friends :P x