Wednesday 12 June 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

If you read yesterday’s blog post you will know that on Monday I attended a Benefit event for their newest product – Stay Flawless 15 hour primer.

I have a special relationship with Benefit, it was the first high end brand I ever used and most of my favourite make-up is from Benefit so I was super excited for the launch of this new product for 2 reasons:
1) It’s a Benefit product and in my eyes Benefit can do no wrong
2) Who doesn’t want to keep their make up in place longer?

So what is it exactly?                                            
Stay Flawless is a primer that comes in stick form designed to act as a ‘make-up magnet’ to allow your make-up to stick to your face and last for an amazing 15 hours! Bold claims, but I have actually had a chance to try this beauty out and trust me, it does not disappoint!

Lisa Potter-Dixon had a clever little way of explaining exactly how this ‘make-up magnet’ works using actual magnets. Here you have your face (on the left) and your foundation (on the right). If you place your foundation directly onto the face it will not stick and it slips off. However, if you place the ‘Stay Flawless’ magnet between them, the foundation stays firmly in place. This was such a cute and fun way of explaining how this ‘make-up magnet’ works and it got a bit of a giggle from the crowd too which is always good.

Onto the packaging. Benefit is known for its quirky packaging designs and it is something that makes the brand stand out in store; their counters always look so fun and girly which was actually the first thing that attracted me to them. The box design fits in perfectly with other items in the flawless range, and it has the most adorable polka-dot lid.

How do you use it?

You apply the ‘Stay Flawless’ primer directly onto the skin using the stick in circular motions. It is these circular motions that unlock and activate the magic that is the ‘make-up magnet’. You then apply your foundation on immediately after and this will lock your make-up in place.

‘Stay Flawless’ gives you a perfect even base for your make-up and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It leaves a lovely smooth surface and another great thing is that it is completely translucent meaning it will suit all skin tones. Could this sound more perfect?

‘Stay Flawless’ will launch on counters on the 29th June priced at £24.50 and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone, it is already an essential in my make-up routine!

As promised, I will also show you a peek at what was inside my goodie bag, and the prizes I won at the event…

We each received the star of the show, the Stay Flawless primer, along with a Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation colour matched to our skin tone (I am believe in me - ivory) and a foundation brush to apply it with. This is basically everything you need to create a flawless base and was an amazing gift, but as if that wasn't generous enough there were more prizes to be won in not one, but two quizzes!

I answered two questions correctly and won these amazing prizes...

'Do The Bright Thing' total face make-up kit
Two longwear powder eye-shadows in shades 'Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy' & 'Blingo'
Ultra plush lipgloss in shade 'Kiss You'

As you can see I was well and truly given the VIP treatment and wan't to say Thank You again to the wonderful team at Benefit! I adore the Stay Flawless Primer and will have a lot of fun playing with the other gifts too!

Will you be trying out the Stay Flawless primer? Let me know...

Linda x



  1. I so want to try this!! xx

  2. I have to try this primer!! I already love Porefessional,i believe this on is equally good :) !!!!! ;)

    Lots of love xo ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

  3. I actually prefer this to the Porefessional, which is a big statement!

  4. Amazing post! This primer needs to be in my life now!

    Gabi xx