Wednesday 12 June 2013

Beauty Icons - Katy Perry

Hey it's Kate Hurn If you've read my blurb on the "Meet the Squad" page then you will know that I have a tiny obsession with one Katy Perry. Not only is she a massive idol to me she also has a huge influence in my beauty life. 

Katy Perry has released bits n bobs out in to the beauty world that have become beauty staples of mine. I love not only her but her brand. Eyelashes, Perfumes and Straighteners - all major must haves in a girls beauty bag. 

In 2010 Katy released her first perfume, Purr (£14.99 Boots 50ml) and in 2011 released , Meow (£14.99 Boots 30ml) of which I have both. 

I personally love both of these perfumes, they have got a great girly scents that lasts all day long and can be worn day and night. They are both shaped like a cat, which is Katy's favourite animal. Purr I would say is more of a Winter fragrance and Meow is a lot more florally which is nice and fresh for Summer. Pink and Purple are my favourite colours and the bottles just look so pretty on my dressing table. I love the collars that can be removed and worn as a statement ring. Katy has released a new perfume this year (2013) which is much different and more grown up called Killer Queen. It comes in a Red and Gold bottle which looks very glamourous and I intend on buying it later on this year. 

Now onto Katy's hair.

Katy Perry has be known throughout her career to have nearly flawless hair no matter what colour or legnth it is. She always manages to wow with glossy locks that have become one of her main focuses on her image. Even when wearing wigs she always makes them look a part of her. As some of you may know, hair care is my thing and from one of my previous blogs (here) you will see I have tried "hair chalking", Katy was the first celebrity in the press that I had seen try this and I was keen to follow suit.

Although now with cut-ties -Hair Styling brand GHD took Katy on as their major ambassador back in 2011 appearing in numerous campaigns for them and showing her ever perfectly styled hair to the masses. This was the same year that Katy embarked on her biggest tour to date, this was in part sponsored by GHD with free lanyards been given out for a chance to win a Katy Perry goodie bag which contained a "Scarlet" gift set which is the stylers pictured in Katy's GHD promo's below.

In early 2012 Katy joined forces with Eyelash giants Eylure and created two major eyelash collections. Katy's love for Eylure's lashes was made public when she released her first collection with this statement.

The first collection brought out in 2012 was based on Hollywood Vintage eyelashes - Big, Bold and Beautiful are the words that come to mind when I think of these lashes. With 4 sets of eyelashes to collect they were a firm favourite of mine. My favourite of this collection being "Oh Honey!" which gives your eyes full and glamorous eyes without being too over the top. The second collection released earlier this year is the Color Pop Collection, this is a collection that had coloured strands running throughout the lashes to suit different eye colours and made them "pop". I am still waiting for the best time to try out my "Ka Pow" purple lashes as I want to save them for a time when I can showcase the awesomeness of the colour pop technique. 

Eylure Lashes are available online at: and Boots and Superdrug. 

I hope you've enjoyed me going on and on about my beauty idol Katy Perry and her contribution to my beauty life. Who is your Beauty Icon? Do you love Katy Perry too? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Love those perfume bottles xx

  2. I love them too, they are so pretty. I will be keeping them for ornamental value after I've used the perfume :) x

  3. I've wanted to try 'Purr' for ages! Maybe I'll treat myself to it while I'm on holiday :D

    Just found your fab blog and am now following.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. Purr is lovely! It's definitely the stronger of the 2, purple is my favourite colour too so it's my fave. It's so cheap for a good quality perfume too.

    Thanks for your comment, made my day. I hope you love our blog :) xx

  5. Oh I love Katy Perry :) And her eyelashes are amazing! x

  6. Bargain alert girlies!! In my local claires they had a selection of the normal Katy Perry eyelashes (regular line in boots for £6!!) for £3 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! I sure did take advantage of that! xx