Wednesday 5 June 2013

HD Brows - Eye & Brow Palette

I was kindly sent the HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette to try out and I was so excited when it arrived. I have wanted to try the kit for so long as I had seen so many great reviews but I never got round to buying one. I knew as soon as it arrived that I would love it!

The kit comes in a sleek black box and the powders in this lovely black compact. I just adore the packaging it is so classy and clean looking. I had the kit in Vamp which is for dark hair. 

In the kit is three different powders, the cream coloured one is called 'nude' which is a highlight and is perfect for highlighting under the brow, next to that is 'carbon' which is a very deep black, below that is 'rich brown' which is a light brown which can be made to look deeper if more powder is applied and next to that is 'dark brown' which is the colour I have used most out of all the colours as it is my natural brow colour. As you can see there is also a brow brush in with the kit which I actually really like considering most brushes that come with kits tend to not be very good but this one works really well. The angled end works well for filling in my brows and the rounded end is great for putting on a bit of highlight under the arch of the brow.  

I have religiously used a brow pencil to fill in my brows for the past 5 years and this kit has just nearly converted me to using powder instead, the only thing stopping me is that I am stuck in the routine of using a pencil but I do use the kit at least twice a week so hey that's a good start. I recommend the HD Brows kit to anyone that fills in their brows. The shadows are very highly pigmented so only a small amount is needed and they will last for so long for this reason and they are creamy in texture which makes them easy to apply.

My brows are quite thick naturally so all I've done here is fill in where they are sparse which has made them look even fuller and thicker which I love (I'm a very big fan of thick brows). There are three kits available, the one here which is vamp, then there's 'bombshell' for blonde and light brown and 'foxy' for medium/dark brown hair. I'm sure whatever colour your brows are you will find a HD Brow kit to suit you. I promise you will not regret investing in one of these kits, your brows will look the best they ever have. 

The HD Brows kits are available on the HD Brows website here and you can also purchase them off many other websites, if you search for the kit on Google you will find a range of websites that sell it.

If you do decide to purchase one of the kits let me know how you get on or even if you already use it, I'd love to know what you think of them too. 


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