Tuesday 4 June 2013

Steamcream, you're my new BFF

Steamcream is one of those products I've read and heard incredible things about, but have never gotten around to trying for myself, until now. I've got the original Steamcream in the classic tin as you can see below. Right now, I wish I could send you all across a scatch'n'sniff of this product over this blog, it has to be THE best smelling beauty product out there! It has hints of lavender and quite frankly, just smells of indulgence. It's a moisturiser for the face, hands and body, and I've tried it on all three. It moisturises without being oily or leaving a residue or shine, and it's been on me in my handbag ever since I've had it. Particularly with this warm weather my skin has become really dry, particularly my hands, and this is just such a pleasure to rub in!

When you turn over and look at the ingredient list on the bottom of the tin, you can see why. Almond oil, jojoba oi, lavender oil, camomile oil are to name just a few of the amazing ingredients of this product, it is just so fresh! I love the fact this product has no scary 20 letter ingredients that are impossible to pronounce, you really do get what it says on the tin, simply steamed together to make the cream!

I also love the ethics of this company. Not only are they a sustainable company, but Steamcream is also vegan and operates a no animal testing policy. The company are so against animal testing they won't buy any ingredients from a company which tests or funds testing on animals, even if the product they would be buying hasn't been tested on animals itself.

At £12.95 for 75g of product, Steamcream really is a bargain, it's an indulgent yet guilt free purchase. Not only that, but you have heaps of designs to choose from. Some of their designs are limited edition and even eco friendly, and I wish I could collect them all! You can look through and pick your favourite here.

Just a snapshot at the designs you can pick from the Steamcream website
How daft am I not to have tried this til now?! Any of you who haven't, I completely love this product, it really is my BFF moisturiser-wise, I cannot recommend it enough. 

Becky xx

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