Thursday 27 June 2013

W7 Honolulu Bronzer vs Benefit's Hoola

If you have been wanting to try out Benefit's Hoola Bronzer but can't afford it or maybe you just don't want to spend the amount that it is then this product may be for you.

Yesterday I received W7's Honolulu Bronzer to try out, I knew by the packaging and name that is was going to be similar to Benefit's Hoola, so to see if it was I got out my Hoola and put them both together first to see what the colour difference was in pan and to see what the difference and similarities where.

On the left is Benefit's Hoola and on the right is W7's Honolulu, now as you can tell straight away the Honolulu is a lot darker than Hoola in pan. Hoola is more orange toned whereas Honolulu is more of a brown. 

Swatched you can also see that Honolulu (on the right) is a lot darker than Hoola (on the left). Honolulu has more of a red undertone to it but that doesn't seem show up on the swatches. I find that Honolulu is a lot easier to use than Hoola, it is more powdery and even more pigmented than Hoola is, not a lot is needed. With Hoola I find that it is highly pigmented but it can look muddy on the face and is quite hard to blend in whereas Honolulu doesn't look muddy and blends very easily. 

Both come with these small brushes which I do actually like for if I'm contouring, they are good for making a line with the bronzer where your cheek bones are then I just blend the colour out with another brush. Honolulu's brush is a lot softer than Hoola's but they do both work well. 

Here is me with both of the Bronzer's on. I have Honolulu on the left side of my face and Hoola on the right, you probably can't tell but I have contoured with them and also used them both on my cheeks. On the face they do look similar apart from Honolulu does look slightly darker. They are both great products I suppose it just depends on which one that you personally prefer. 

I would recommend that you try out W7's Honolulu as it is quite similar to Benefit's Hoola, there isn't a major difference. They would both suit any skin colour I think, as long as with pale skin that you use it light handed and don't overload your brush with product then you should be fine. 

You can purchase W7's Honolulu and more of there products from Xtras - link
and Benefit's Hoola you can purchase from Benefit and any Benefit counter. 

I have another W7 product which will be in my next post and I know you will all love it for sure! 

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If you do try Honolulu do let me know in a comment below, I'd love to know how you get on with it :)


* I was sent the W7 Honolulu Bronzer for review

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  1. Thank you this helped me a lot to decide which one to buy, but overall which one do you prefer better? xx