Thursday 27 June 2013

10 Random Facts - Fay

Hey lovelies,
keeping in trend with the other girls, here are my 10 random facts!

1. I am Mum to a beautiful 2 year old girl, called Mia. (pronounced My-a!)

2. I also have a fur baby, called Branty. He's a 4 year old black labrador.

3. I can't sleep without reading first. I'm a sucker for a good bit of romance!

4. I drink TOO much Pepsi.

5. I ALWAYS have my nails done. Chipped nail varnish makes me cringe. Weird, I know.

6. I am currently learning to drive....again!

7. I already have my dream wedding dress picked. I'm not even engaged! (Ssshh!)

8. Geordie shore & The valleys are my guilty pleasure.

9. My main ambition in life is to become a Midwife.

10. I can't go by a McDonalds without buying a Mango & Pineapple Smoothie!

Do you have a 10 random facts post on your blog? Post it below and we'll be sure to check it out!


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